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Laka's 5-star claims service is an experience so good, you'll actually want to claim.
Voted 'Best Cycle Insurance Provider' for 5 years running.
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The Laka Experience

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    Add your bike, clothing and gear to your policy in a matter of minutes.
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    We’ll estimate your monthly contribution.
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    Pay nothing upfront, because all claims are split fairly at the end of each month.
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    Keep your gear up to date and tell us when you buy any new stuff.
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    If shit hits the fan, claim, and experience our team move mountains to get you back in the saddle.
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Any questions? Here's some frequently asked questions about road bike insurance. If you're looking for other info about Laka try our Help Center.
  • Unlike driving, insurance for road cycling isn’t enforced by law. So getting insurance cover for your road bike is your choice. 

    If you love your bike, you’ll want to make sure it’s fully insured.

    A Laka policy covers everything you need for road cycling. Theft, accidental damage, & loss. As well as travel cover for trips to your favourite worldwide cycling destinations, and race & event cover, be it road race, sportive, or crit.

    Check out our article on what’s covered for more details, and if you need any extra help, contact us.

  • Absolutely. You can get insurance cover on all road bikes. Although you should check your policy details to make sure you have the right cover.

    Some insurers, particularly home insurers, can have strict limits on the values you can insure for. A Laka policy can cover any bike between £300 to £15,000.

    To find out the other types of bikes we can cover, check out our article.

  • Your road bike could be covered on your home insurance policy. However, claiming can often come with a hefty excess, impact your no-claims bonus, or increase your premium. You should also check your policy wording for the details of what is and isn’t covered.

    Some things to look out for include the max value limits, whether you’re covered outside of your home (like a theft from a bike rack), and for any specific details you might need (like travel or event cover).