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United we ride

Our collective is broad and inclusive. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you love cycling, you can be one of us. Because there’s no Laka, without you lot.

Greenest rookie

18 years old

Most Grizzled Vet

82 years old

Longest ride from home to the Laka office

584 miles

Shortest ride from home to the Laka office


Female riders


Most expensive bike


Our Members


Our partners

"The insurance company that breaks the rules for the cyclist's benefit"

"The Cycling Podcast is delighted to work with Laka because they understand cycling and cyclists, and have built a community of people who are all working together to support each other."

"Laka are a great partner to our team, not just in the sponsorship they provide, which is the life blood of any team, but mainly in the enthusiastic support they have for the team and all our riders."