Insure your cargo bike with Laka's 5-star rated cargo bike insurance.
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Cargo Biker
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Insurance Flipped

We won't charge you a fixed sum. Instead we calculate your monthly contributions retrospectively - up to a max capped amount - based on the collective's claims that month.

The 80/20 rule

80% of your money goes straight back into the collective: fixing, replacing, helping, whatever. And the other 20% keeps our wheels spinning.

Pack mentality

Being part of Laka means committing to look after yourself and your stuff for the sake of the group. Think team first.

Got your back

When shit does hit the fan, we’ve got you. Claims are handled by experts and usually agreed within a day. With no depreciation or excess.

Never tied down

We're over annual contracts tying you down. And we’re sure you are too. So if you want to leave, you can anytime.

What it costs

HNF-Nicolai CD1 Cargo Bike - £5,680
per month
per month
per month
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The Laka Experience

  • 1
    Add your bike, clothing and gear to your policy in a matter of minutes.
  • 2
    We’ll estimate your monthly contribution.
  • 3
    Pay nothing upfront, because all claims are split fairly at the end of each month.
  • 4
    Keep your gear up to date and tell us when you buy any new stuff.
  • 5
    If shit hits the fan, claim, and experience our team move mountains to get you back in the saddle.
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Cycling liability and legal cover for £1.50 a month

Includes £2m cycle accident liability cover in case you cause damage or injury whilst riding your bike. Plus access to cycling legal support in case you're involved in an accident that wasn't your fault.
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