We protect your bike(s) and accessories for theft, loss, and damage when you’re travelling abroad, riding in sportives or races and much more. Here is a full list of what’s covered:


Bikes and accessories are covered against theft wherever you are in the world. Please just make sure you have it locked with a Sold Secure Gold lock if you're out and about.

If you’re out on a ride you won’t need to take your lock with you unless you plan on leaving your bike unattended. So don't worry about lugging that lock with you on your club run, if you're just going to be stopping at a cafe and keeping your bike by your side!

We have to judge the circumstances of each claim independently but as a rule of thumb, if you are not capable of attempting to prevent the theft of your bike, we’d consider it to be unattended. But don’t worry, we’re not saying you have to put yourself in danger and try to stop a thief!

Accidental Loss

You’re covered when someone else (e.g. an airline or a courier) loses your gear while it is in their custody.

Accidental Damage

Any sudden, unintended, and unforeseen damage to your bike(s) and/or accessories. Sometimes bad things happen to good people - whether it's a traffic accident or a crash in a race. This also includes accidental damage whilst your gear is being handled by a third party like an airline or courier.. Shit happens, but you can trust us to get you back on the road ASAP.


Whenever someone intentionally breaks your gear, we'll get it fixed or replace it.

Traveling around the world

Your gear is covered globally for up to 60 consecutive days. If you are planning to travel outside the UK for more than 60 days in one stretch please get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Sportives and races

Sportives like the Prudential RideLondon are a huge part of cycling and are included in our cover.

We’ll also cover you in races, unless you’re getting paid to participate.

Unlocked in transition areas of triathlons

We understand that things can get hectic during triathlons and you can't unlock your bike when every second counts. Because transition areas are usually well-guarded, we cover your bike even if it's not secured with a Sold Secure Gold-rated lock. This extends to the pits at cyclocross races too, for our mud-loving family.

On or in your car

We will cover your bike whilst it's in a locked car, but as breaking a car window is a lot easier than breaking a bicycle lock, we strongly recommend you follow these steps:

  • Lock the bike to something in the car which is not easily removable
  • Keep bikes and gear out of sight by covering them with a blanket or storing smaller items in the glove compartment

When bikes are on the roof or back of the car, you’ll need to make sure they are locked to the car or the rack if it's secure to the car with a Sold Secure Gold lock if you leave them unattended.

Roadside assistance

Ever hit the deck in the middle of nowhere and struggled to get home? We know how much that sucks. That's why we add an additional £200 of roadside assistance if you need it, you can use this to cover the cost of a taxi or a train home.

This can also be used to get you a new bike faster if you need one urgently or to rent a bike temporarily for example if you’re on holiday.

For even more nitty gritty, you’ll find details of your cover in the policy wording.