EXclusive rapha kit with that laka flair. TASTY.

The Laka X Rapha Jersey
Worn by Akari

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Our latest Laka X Rapha kit pre-sale has now closed. You can still order other Laka items but if you're looking for the Rapha kit make sure you don't miss out by registering your interest for our next pre-sale!
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Any questions? Here are some frequently asked questions about this offer. If you're looking for other stuff about Laka try our Help Center.
  • What are Laka credits and how do I get them?

    Depending on what you order, you might be getting quite a large stash of Laka credits. Hopefully that'll keep things sweet until your kit arrives. Laka credit is simply money in your Laka account that gets used towards your monthly bike insurance bills before we charge you anything directly. Use your Laka account email address when you purchase and the credit will get added to your account. We'll automatically deduct it from any future bills for Bike Insurance. No need for you to do anything else!

  • Does Laka offer refunds or exchanges?

    As these items are super special, custom-made products, we're afraid neither refunds nor returns will be accepted. Rapha will replace or repair garments with any manufacturing errors or quality issues. Once you receive your goodies, you have 14 days to make Rapha aware of any such issues with your order. After 14 days you will no longer be eligible for a replacement.

  • When will my order arrive?

    Since all these items are custom made to order it will take around 8-10 weeks between Laka closing the pre-order and you receiving the goods. It's totally worth the wait though, right?!

  • What size should I go for?

    Rapha have a handy size guide to help you find the right fit for women and men.
    Check out the women's guide: https://www.rapha.cc/gb/en/womens-sizing-guide
    Check out the men's size guide: https://www.rapha.cc/gb/en/mens-sizing-guide