Frequently Asked Questions

Randstad Riders

Locking your bike

  • Yes! Locking your bike is the best way to protect it from theft.

    If you submit a theft claim and your bike wasn't locked to an immovable object with a Sold Secure Gold or Diamond rated lock,  we might have to reject your claim.

    You'll need to lock your bike whenever you leave your bike, unattended, out of view, or in a location where access is not solely controlled by you.

  • Sold Secure is a security product certification agency. They use a range of tests to determine how difficult it is to break locks. For your Laka policy to be valid, you need to use a Sold Secure Gold or Diamond rated lock

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when you need to make a claim

  • 1. After an incident, you'll need to submit a claims video with the below info:

    • Your name and city
    • What gear you are claiming for (bike, helmet, lock etc. )
    • When, where and how the incident happened
    • If someone else was involved in the incident
    • Where the gear is located now

    2. We'll check if we have proof of ownership. That's why it's important you upload photos of your gear to your Laka account.

    3. We assess the info you've provided and decide on the outcome of your claim.

    4. If your claim is accepted we'll either send you replacement gear or we'll send you the value of the bike (with 10% co-insurance).

  • You'll be covered when you're working for Just Eat as well as when you're not. So your bike is covered at home at night, whilst you're riding to a friend's house on your day off and whilst you're out making deliveries.

  • Covered

    • Crashing/falling off your bike while riding
    • Mugging; someone stealing your bike while riding it
    • Vandalism; someone damaging your bike intentionally
    • Getting hit by another vehicle
    • Theft while your bike is locked up correctly

    Not Covered

    • Punctures/flat tyres
    • Snapped chains
    • Scratches to your bike which doesn't affect how it works
    • Theft while not locked up with a Sold Secure Gold or Diamond lock
    • Theft while left unattended and not locked to an immovable object
    • Lost items, e.g. a light falling out of your bag
  • Sadly, we can't cover accidents/thefts which happened before you had an active Laka policy. Rest assured that from the date that you have activated we have your back with what happens in the future.


  • Randstad provides you with £500 of free cover, even if your bike is worth less than £500. If you make a claim, we'll replace your bike like-for-like or with an equivalent bike.

  • If your bike is worth more than £500 you'll have the option to "top up" your cover to your bike’s actual value. You can do this either when you're completing your profile or by logging into your Laka account and upgrading to a bicycle policy, you can do this by going to the "cover" section.

    If you increase the value of your bike above £500, you'll need to pay a share each month for the amount above £500. We'll tell you how much you'll need to pay when you go to adjust your bike's value.

  • You should insure your bike for what it would cost to replace as new today, not what you paid for it. If you don't insure your bike for its new replacement value you could be impacted by underinsurance. The safest way to avoid this is to insure your bike for its retail price or the retail price of the new equivalent make and model.

  • If your bike is worth more than £500 but you choose not to "top up" it's insured value, you could be affected by underinsurance if you have to make a claim. This could mean that you receive less than the new replacement value of the bike or part of the bike.

  • Your policy has 10% of co-insurance. This means that you'll need to pay 10% of the value of any claim before we can settle it.

    For example; if your £500 bike was stolen and we were going to replace it with another £500 bike as part of a claim, you'd need to pay £50 (10%) towards the replacement bike.

  • If you leave Randstad, they'll let us know you no longer work for them.

    We'll cover you for 1 week which will give you reasonable time to decide whether Laka cycling insurance is right for you.

    If you decide to stay with us, we'll issue you your own policy.

  • You can insure any Bicycle on your Laka policy, this includes e-bicycles.  Your e-bike must follow government regulations in regards to the battery and power associated rules

    You are not able to insure your mopeds, motorbikes or e-scooters with Laka.