Bicycle Insurance Like Never Before

With Laka you'll always ride with quality and cost-effective bicycle insurance. So whether it's a pothole that buckled your wheel, some knob that nicked your bike, or an airline that’s lost your gear - Team Laka will get you back in the saddle.
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Laka's 5-star claims service is an experience so good, you'll actually want to claim.
Voted 'Best Cycle Insurance Provider' for 5 years running.
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Bikes are just the beginning

Your bike(s), helmet, clothing, GPS and a whole lot more is covered. And that’s without excess and always for its original value.

Handled by bike nerds

Claims are handled by a team of cyclists. Meaning you’ll always be helped by real-life experts that know what you’re going through.

At home and on the go - including mugging or from a vehicle. Your bike, gear & accessories replaced with the latest model.
Crash & Accidental Damage
You’re covered for any accidental damage to your bike and accessories. And if someone intentionally breaks your gear, we'll get it fixed or replaced pronto.
Roadside Recovery
We include £200 'get you home cash' to make life easier after an accident or theft. Might be a temporary rental bike, taxi, or train.
Racing & Events
Events are a big part of cycling, and are included in Pro. You’re even covered in transition areas during triathlons. Read the exceptions if you’re racing at pro level.
Worldwide Travel (120 days)
You're covered globally for up to 120 consecutive days. If you’re planning to travel for longer, let us know and we’ll look at your options. Core only covers the UK.
£0 Excess
No excess to pay on bike claims. Excess is the amount it ‘costs’ to make a claim, insurers normally deduct this from any payouts.
Bike Rental
To keep you cycling - whatever happens. You’ll get up to £200 towards the rental of a bike whilst you’re awaiting the fulfilment of a claim.
Multi-Bike Discount
Get a 50% discount on any extra bikes that are in the same household and used by family members.
Legal Assistance
Cover for legal costs for pursuing a personal injury case after an accident that wasn’t your fault when cycling. Be it a driver or pothole.
Third Party Cycling Liability Insurance
Comprehensive cover for personal liability when you're out cycling. Protect yourself in case you cause an accident, resulting in expenses, harm or damages.
Cycling Discounts
Sweet discounts on cycling gear and goodies. From locks and lights to navigation and nutrition. Grab the promo codes from your account area.
Crash & Accidental damage
Roadside recovery
Racing & Events
Worldwide travel (120 days)
£0 Excess
Bike rental
Multi-bike discount
Legal assistance
Third-party cycling liability insurance
Cycling discounts

The Laka Experience

  • 1
    Add your bike, clothing and gear to your policy in a matter of minutes.
  • 2
    We’ll estimate your monthly contribution.
  • 3
    Pay nothing upfront, because all claims are split fairly at the end of each month.
  • 4
    Keep your gear up to date and tell us when you buy any new stuff.
  • 5
    If shit hits the fan, claim, and experience our team move mountains to get you back in the saddle.
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Any questions? Here's some frequently asked questions about insuring your bicycle. If you're looking for other info about Laka try our Help Center.
  • Depending on who you’re insured with, the cost of your bicycle insurance can vary a lot. Your location, the crime rate, and the model of bicycle can also impact your bicycle insurance costs.

    Our costs are based on the value of your bike only. And our quick quote allows you to get an idea of your costs in an instant. Our bicycle insurance starts at £5 a month. 

    We’ll show you what you can expect to pay in a month and your cap (the maximum you’ll ever pay in a month).

    The cost of our customer’s claims are divided equally between each other at the end of the month. It’s a fairer way of doing things.

    To see how much you would pay, get a quote.

  • Bicycle insurance is for helping you get back on your bike.

    Whether it’s because of a theft, damage to your bike, or even if it’s lost by a third party, bicycle insurance will help you recover your gear.

    We cover more than most insurance policies. With Laka you’ll get cover for:

        - Theft: from your home and when elsewhere

        - Damage and vandalism

        - Loss

        - Worldwide travel for cycling abroad

        - Being stored in or on your car

        - Emergency cash: for a rental bike or even a taxi if you’re stranded

        - Legal assistance

    For the full details of cover, check the policy wording.

  • Insurance for bicycles isn’t enforced by law. So whether you opt for cycling insurance is your choice.

    But bicycles can be expensive. So getting insurance for bikes can be a real life saver. Especially if your bike is important to you.

    Having cycling cover will protect you in case your bike was to get stolen or damaged.

    The best way to protect your pride and joy is through a solid insurance policy.

  • Not always. We recommend you always check the details in your policy wording. If your policy includes bicycle insurance, check for the small print.

    You might have a hefty excess and they might not include cover for when you're out of your home. Your home insurance could have a single-item limit under the value of your bike too.

    Read our article on insuring your bicycle on your home insurance for more details.

Cycling liability and legal cover for £1.50 a month

Includes £2m cycle accident liability cover in case you cause damage or injury whilst riding your bike. Plus access to cycling legal support in case you're involved in an accident that wasn't your fault.
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WHAT CYCLIng cover do you need?

Laka covers all cyclists. Click a profile to see how benefits are tailored to different riders and their gear.