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Can I insure my electric scooter with Laka?

Right now you can’t insure your e-scooter with Laka (or any other insurer for public use), but you can insure your e-bike. 
Why? Because electric scooters are classified as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEV), whereas e-bikes are classified as Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPC). 
EAPCs are fully legal in the UK, whereas electric scooters (as a PLEV) aren’t. Electric scooters can only be used on UK roads via a hire scheme as part of government trials. However, we’re expecting the government to make privately owned electric scooters legal, and when they do, we'll be the first insurer to bring collective cover to e-scooter owners across the UK.

Do you need insurance for an electric scooter?

With privately owned electric scooters currently illegal to ride on UK roads, e-scooters don’t require vehicle insurance.

As e-scooter demand continues to grow, then so will the demand for e-scooter insurance. It is down to the government to class e-scooters in the same bracket as e-bikes, so that insurance providers can create an appropriate product.

Would my electric scooter be covered on my home insurance?

If you currently own an e-scooter then it could be covered by your home insurance. Although this only applies when your scooter is at home. Riding it in a public place would likely invalidate the cover. Eek.
When e-scooters do become legal in the UK, it’ll be important to have specialist electric scooter insurance to ensure you’re fully covered.

When will electric scooters be legalised?

The government hasn’t yet stated whether e-scooters will be legalised after the trial period. This 12 month trial period was initially planned for 2021 but was brought forward to July 2020 as part of the government’s green restart of local transport.

With the urgency to get e-scooters on the roads in our towns and cities, we’re hoping that the government will make privately owned electric scooters legal soon.

What's electric scooter liability insurance?

E-scooter liability insurance helps protect other people, vehicles and property when an accident is deemed to be your fault, such as hitting a car and causing damage to the vehicle. A third-party policy would cover the costs of the other person’s property and medical expenses.


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