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Our Recovery Partners


Since we started work on our pioneering indoor power trainer in 2000 we’ve been obsessed. Obsessed with perfectly replicating the sensation of riding on the road. Obsessed with generating the world’s most accurate power, technique and performance data. Obsessed with creating the ultimate indoor cycling experience.


30 day loan the award winning Wattbike Atom, the most realistic, intelligent and effective smart trainer on Earth. (14 Credits)

Rowe & King

Bespoke coaching packages, to help you achieve your personal cycling goals and recover most effectively.

Working with your coaching team, we will get to know you as an individual –your goals, your previous cycling history, what you enjoy, the time you have available to train, and much, much more.

You’ll get daily guidance and support via Training Peaks and WhatsApp.

Let’s get started in taking your cycling up a level!


RK3 PACKAGE - Personalised daily training plans with formal weekly feedback - monthly subscription - price shown is for 1 month (18 Credits)


Bringing together the very best writers and photographers to convey the essence, passion and beauty of cycling. Eight classic and collectable issues of the most beautiful cycling magazine in the world every year.


Rouleur - 3 months subscription (1 Credit)

Rouleur - 6 months subscription (2 Credits)

Rouleur - 12 months subscription (3 Credits)

Performance Chef

Performance Chef offers food & nutritional plans to athletes of all abilities from beginners to Olympic champions.

Our aim is to give nutritional support, advice & develop inner health to aid optimal sports performance through simple everyday food that is readily available. Monitor and maintain health and well being through optimised nutrition with real food and easy to follow recipes and plain talking around the sometimes complicated world of high performance food & nutrition.

A bespoke programme can be tailored to individual requirements depending on current knowledge, goals & objectives, budget, food intolerances, lifestyle and training/racing objectives.


3 month nutritional plan. (18 Credits)
Recover and repair food and nutrition to get you back to full fitness as quickly as possible.
Initial phone consultation, bespoke weekly plan aligned with your training and a weekly shopping list.
Weekly call to catch up on progress and talk through any issues & forward meal planning

12 months bespoke nutritional plan. (38 Credits)
Covering all bases including event/race prep & planning.
Initial consultation, bespoke weekly plan aligned with Training Peaks. Weekly shopping list.
Weekly feedback email, monthly catch up call to monitor progress and development of the athlete.
Unlimited WhatsApp support. ‘Eat cake’ nutritional plan holiday available.

Laka Recovery Box

We know it sucks recovering from an injury… but new stuff helps! That’s why we put together our very own Laka recovery box with some goodies from us at Laka and some of our partners. Prepare yourself for tons of little cycling goodies valued around £50.


Example Laka recovery pack: 2x Bidons, Rapha Laka Cap, Rapha Laka Socks, Rouleur Magazine. (2 Credit)


The app for riding and training with your community.

Get access to the global ecosystem of virtual routes, structured training plans and social group rides so you’re race ready when you get back out on the road.


Zwift subscription (3 months) (2 Credits)

Zwift subscription (6 months) (4 Credits)

Zwift subscription (12 months) (8 Credits)


We know you rely on your bike to get around and if you’re unable to ride you could be forced onto public transport… which isn’t a nice place to be.

If you’d prefer to be driven round in comfort, you can choose Uber credits so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get on the bus on your crutches and you can concentrate on arriving at work or your friend’s place feeling fresh.


UBER credit in multiples of £20 (1 Credit)


We all know that a health nutrition plan can help you recover faster… but sometimes you just want some comfort food.

With Deliveroo you can order what you want, without having to struggle in the kitchen whilst you’re hurt.


Deliveroo credit in multiples of £20 (1 Credit)

Fantastic Services

Housework sucks at the best of times but it can be impossible when you’re injured.

Fantastic Services is the one-stop shop for 25+ all home professional home cleaning and maintenance services, so you can get all the help you need whilst you concentrate on your recovery.


Fantastic services credit in multiples of £50 (2 Credits)


If there is not a Recovery benefit that you like to the look of, let us know and we can pay you in cash or Laka bicycle insurance credit, giving you the freedom to spend your money on whatever you choose!


Laka bicycle insurance credit - available in multiples of £25 (1 Credit)

Cash payouts settlement in multiples of £20 (1 Credit)