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Exclusively for cycling industry professionals. Unlock a totally exclusive discount on top notch insurance for you or your employees.
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HOW laka industry WORKS


Apply for membership

Hit apply and fill out a short form. We individually verify each application so it may take 2-3 days to get back to you.


Get approved

We’ll email you either inviting you to setup your discounted policy or if you already have a Laka policy we’ll confirm your discount has been applied.


What you get

15% off your monthly bill for anyone working in the cycling or outdoors sports industry. Bike shop, brand partner, manufacturer, we’d love to welcome you to the pack.


Bicycle Cover


Forget what you know about insurance.
Get to know collective cover.


No matter what you ride,
you're covered for:

Theft, at home and on the go
Damage, accidental and vandalism
Loss, by third-parties like an airline or courier
Cover for legal costs for pursuing a personal injury case


An experience so good you'll
actually want to claim

Claims usually agreed within a working day
No funky fineprint, £0 excess. No depreciation
Real bike nerds and mechanics who know their stuff

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Any questions? Here are some frequently asked questions about Laka Industry. If you're looking for other stuff about Laka try our Help Center.
  • You still need to apply for the program. During your application we’ll ask you to provide details of your existing Laka policy. Once approved we’ll upgrade your account to Laka Industry and apply the discount!

  • You don’t need to create an account beforehand. Complete your application first and we’ll send you details on how to sign up once you’ve been approved.

  • Laka Industry is open to professionals working in the cycling industry. This does not include race teams or cycling clubs but please do contact us at lakapro@laka.co as we would still love to work with you. You’ll need to demonstrate you qualify with some simple information during the application process.

  • If you don’t already have an account with Laka, we’ll email you with instructions on signing up to Laka Industry. The discount will be automatically applied at the end of each month .If you already have a Laka account, once approved we’ll apply the discount to your existing account and it’ll be deducted automatically at the end of each month.

  • Any existing Laka credit will remain on your account. For example if you have referred friends and have credit leftover we won’t touch it. Just keep up the good work recommending Laka! If you’re still using a new customer sign up offer, such as 30 days free cover, this will be replaced by the Laka Industry discount and cannot be used in conjunction with other new customer offers.

  • Laka Industry is open to full-time employees working in the cycling and outdoor sports industry, by invitation or application.
    1. Laka reserves the right to manage Laka Industry membership at its discretion, and terminate access to the Program due to any abuse or for any other reason.
    2. Eligibility to Laka Industry will expire with your employment. Laka will ask you to revalidate your application at regular intervals and failture to do so could lead to termination of your membership.
    3. Laka reserves the right to change the terms of the Laka Industry at any point.
    4. Membership to Laka Industry will entitle you to 15% off your monthly bike insurance bill with Laka.
    5. This is a non-transferable benefit. You may not share your Laka Industry discount
    6. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other new customer offers.