cycling liability INSURANCE, legal cover AND perks

Every Laka policy gives you access to the Laka Club! Where you get third party cycling liability and legal cover. Plus stacks of awesome cycling perks.

The Laka club

Everyone who joins Laka get's to join the Laka Club! Check out the discounts below.

Providing you with cycle accident liability insurance, cycling legal cover and great cycling discounts.

Third-party cycling liability

Comprehensive cover for personal liability when you're out cycling. Get that added peace of mind, just in case.

Legal cover

Involved in an accident that wasn't your fault? Expert legal support to help you pursue the case.

Cycling discounts

Sweet discounts on cycling gear and goodies. From locks and lights to navigation and nutrition.

What's covered with cycle liability insurance?


Included in your membership is third-party liability insurance for cycling. Cover to protect you for personal liability should you damage someone else's property or injury to someone whilst out riding your bike.

YOUR liability COVER

No matter what you ride,
you're covered for:

Up to £2,000,000 cover to pay costs if you injure someone or damage their property whilst using your bike
International trips for up to 120 days per trip


Well, pretty much anyone on two wheels who wants personal liability insurance.

Riding any bike on the daily commute, weekend rides or overseas adventures as long as it's not for commercial use
Racing, cycling events and any timed events as long as you aren't receiving an appearance fee or salary to take part

What you get



Any questions? Here are some frequently asked questions about third-party liability and the Laka Club. If you're looking for other stuff about Laka try our Help Center.
  • Whether you call it cycling liability insurance, third-party cycling liability insurance or personal cycling liability insurance - these are all different names for the same thing. Cover to protect you for any damage or injury you cause to someone else or their property when using your bicycle.

  • Legally you are not required to have cycling liability insurance. Unlike car insurance it's not a legal requirement. However it's worth thinking about getting as it could save you from legal fees if you become involved in an accident with a pedestrian or another road user which causes damage or injury to them.

  • British Cycling offers some memberships which including liability cover, the cheapest costing £39 per year. So you would end up with two liability policies. It's worth being aware that if you're involved in an accident with another British Cycling member their liability policy will not cover this.