Insure your bicycle with Laka's collective cover. Protection against theft, damage, and more, all backed by our 5-star customer service.
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As part of the Laka collective you’ll always ride with quality, comprehensive, cost-effective cover. So whether it’s a pothole that buckled your wheel, or some knob that nicked your bike – when they mess with one of us, they mess with all of us. Your bike is insured against:



Cover for theft at home or out and about. As long as you're using a Sold Secure Gold lock.


Whether its a traffic accident, race crash, pothole in the road, or an act of vandalism.

Legal assistance

We'll help you pursue a personal injury case after an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Third party loss

If a courier or airline loses your bike - you're covered with Laka.

Worldwide travel

Your bike and gear is covered globally for up to 120 consecutive days.

Emergency cash

We include £200 to make life easier after an accident, theft, or mechanical breakdown.
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Laka - What's Covered

What makes us different

Never tied down

We're over annual contracts tying you down. And we’re sure you are too. So if you want to leave, you can anytime.

Insurance Flipped

We won't charge you a fixed sum. Instead we calculate your monthly contributions - up to a max capped amount - based on the collective's claims. We explain a little bit more about this below.

Got your back

When shit does hit the fan, we’ve got you. Claims are handled by experts and usually agreed within a day. With no depreciation or excess.

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Laka's 5-star claims service is an experience so good, you'll actually want to claim.
Voted 'Best Cycle Insurance Provider' for 4 years running.
But don't take it from us. Here's what the collective have to say.

The collective

Laka’s the new, smart way to insure your bike.

Forget everything you know about insurance. Discover our collective insurance. The collective is a group of enthusiastic cyclists, connected by a common interest, their bikes. Just like other insurers, we do the necessary checks to prevent fraudulent claims and it is also in the interest of everyone within the collective to handle your bicycle as well as possible.

Laka's collective coverage means that the costs of the claims in the collective are distributed monthly among all cyclists. Are there no claims in a month? Then you (and the rest of the collective) pay nothing at all. Fair enough.

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Not our words.

"By far the best insurance company. Their ethos in trying to help the community is a truly innovative approach to insurance."

Recovery Cover


This world-first cover looks after
our collective on and off their bikes.


Only the best specialists and treatments following an accident or injury.

£1,500 for any medical treatments you need, from physio to dental to mental.
Access our virtual GPs for faster treatment or £50 to speak to someone of your choice.


A curated list of partners and services to help you come back stronger.

Coaching sessions and training plans by British Olympians.

Leading indoor bike trainers sent to you to build strength at home.

Psychological assessment and advice from leading performance coaches.

Effective nutritional plans to support your recovery, the tasty way.

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