Commercial Insurance That Keeps You Moving

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Insurance for the micromobility revolution - covering large and small fleets of bikes, e-bikes and e-cargo bikes. We take a unique approach to commercial insurance that combines:
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rewriting the rules of insurance

We’re Laka, and we’ve created collective insurance. It’s transparent, fair and generally rad. Unlike old fashioned insurers (yawn) who can be reluctant to eat into their profits, we’re a pack of optimists and are motivated to settle your claims. Refreshing, right?
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Customer first insurance

We're not an old fashioned insurer. We operate with daily pricing based on the actual cost of claims. Flipping the business model of insurance on its head and aligning our interests with our customers.

Super fast, 
in-house claims team

Our fastest settlement to date is 41 minutes! We’re not a faceless insurer who’ll divert you to a call centre - we manage all of your claims in-house. Our specialist team are 5* rated and relentless in their goal - getting your bikes and riders back on the road.

maximum innovation

We adapt fast to market needs. Operating a fleet is a high-octane job with too many systems to keep up to date. We integrate with your fleet management platforms or Google Sheets to automate your fleet insurance and reporting. Saving you days of hassle!

who we cover

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  • Quick Commerce Fleets
  • Micromobility Fleets
  • Last Mile Delivery Fleets
  • Bike Leasing & Subscription Businesses
  • Small But Growing Fleets
  • Delivery Aggregators

Commercial Insurance


your fleet

(Bikes / E-Bikes / E-Cargo)


The big one. Bikes, e-bikes and accessories are covered against theft. Just check our lock requirements first.


You’re covered for any accidental damage to your gear. Whether it’s a traffic accident or even damage in transit by a third party. But you can trust us to get you back up to speed ASAP.


Public Liability

In the event of an accident caused by one of your riders, we’ll make sure your business is covered. We offer up to £2m and £5m cover on a per bike/vehicle basis.

YOUR riders

Emergency Cover

Laka covers anyone using your bikes. So if your rider is stranded, or has had an accident, we'll pay the costs of getting them back home or to the workplace. And we even cover the cost of a rental bike (when needed).

If you're a leasing business, the same applies. When your customer is in a sticky situation, we'll cover the costs so you can get them moving ASAP.

Legal Services

Cover for legal costs for pursuing a personal injury case after an accident that wasn’t your riders fault.

and to make things even easier

£0 Excess

No excess to pay on claims.

Fulfilment costs

Laka covers the costs to fulfil your claims.

No depreciation on assets

We repay or replace based on the value of the asset as stated in your policy documents. In full.

Not our words, yours

"With Laka we've found a partner who will work with us (instead of against) to offer our customers the best possible cargo solution for inner cities"

"Thank YOU everyone at Laka for looking after us so well. Insurance as we once knew it, (font size 2 and 20 pages) is now a headache of the past which I am not going back to!" - Farah Asemi, ecofleet CEO & founder

"We were looking for an insurance partner and product that was geared up to handle our rapid growth"

"Working with Laka is great, very easy for our fleet team to make claims, which are quickly resolved. Laka also has a willingness to work with our fleet management system and be a real insurance partner"

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Fleet management that's got your back

We integrate with fleet management systems to optimise your pricing and reduce the operational burden by:
  • Automating administrative tasks
  • Part or full integration with all management platforms
  • Free unlimited fleet changes
  • Turn vehicle cover on and off anytime
  • Receive optimised pricing based on usage



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