Due to the assistance from the electric motor, it is understandable why people are sceptical about using an e-bike for fitness. These bikes are regarded as a way to climb hills easier or allow you to turn up to work without being hot and sweaty.

However, electric bikes are a great way to become fitter or to maintain your current fitness level.

You Can Work Up A Sweat On An E-Bike

When you ride an electric bike, you can choose how much assistance the motor gives you. If you want to put in less effort, you simply select a higher assistance mode.

Alternatively, if you want a workout, choose less assistance, so you need to work harder. You need to put more effort into the pedals to maintain your speed with lower assistance levels.

Even with an electric bike, pedalling increases your heart rate, as you can still pedal just as hard as you can with a regular bike. The difference is that the motor allows you to accelerate faster, take on steeper climbs, and ride further.

You Can Build Fitness On An E-Bike According To Science

Brigham Young University in Utah, USA, performed a study on using an electric bike for fitness training. They monitored a group of experienced cyclists on both regular mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes on a planned route.

When their data was analysed, they reached 94% of their average heart rate on the electric mountain bikes. Therefore, the experiment's conclusion determined that you can get a great cardiovascular workout on an electric bike.

Improve Fitness While Commuting On An E-Bike

Brigham Young University conducted another study that focussed on the health benefits of commuting on an electric bike. The study highlighted that people who commute on an electric bike experience most of the health benefits of riding a regular bike.

Electric Bikes Are Great For Our Mental Health

Commuting on an electric bike isn't just great for your body. It is also excellent for your mental health. After a while, your fitness improves, which goes a long way to improve your self-esteem.

In addition to this, spending time outdoors, rather than being cooped up in a car or on public transport, makes you happier. This is because being exposed to more sunlight makes up for the soul-crushing atmosphere of spending all day under artificial light.

When you ride an electric bike to work every morning, you experience less stress, making it a better start to your day. You don't have to contend with traffic or a cramped bus. Therefore, you can begin your day with energy, which will make you more productive.

You can also experience the mental health benefits on your ride home. Riding an electric bike home is an excellent way to destress and unwind.

Your ride home could be the time that you intensify your exercise for the day. You can put extra effort into the pedals, as you won't be too bothered about getting sweaty on the way home.

Using a lower assistance level, you can build up your heart rate for an excellent workout. Alternatively, you could choose the long way home, so you get more time in the saddle.

If you ride an electric mountain bike, you can find a more exciting route back home. Your route will be longer, giving you more exercise, and fun allowing you to improve your mood even more.

Electric Bikes Improve Your Fitness In Your Free Time

Lots of people ride their bikes during leisure time for fitness. But, you can improve your fitness by heading out on an electric bike at the weekends.

One of the main advantages of riding an electric bike is that you can ride for longer before you feel tired. The assistance from the motor can make your ride less intense. Still, there is a significant relationship between the duration of your ride and improving your fitness.

You can experience many aerobic benefits from riding an electric bike for long periods of time. Therefore, you don't have to go out for short, intense rides to improve your fitness (although these have their benefits too).

Riding an electric bike can keep you exercising for longer, so you may be able to spend all day in the saddle. On the contrary, you may only be able to last a few hours on a regular bike before you feel like you want to go home.

Electric Bikes Allow Your To Continue An Active Lifestyle

As we age, it is more important to stay active. Cycling is one of the best ways for older people to maintain an active lifestyle. However, depending on their situation, the individual may find starting to pedal too challenging.

However, electric bikes are the perfect solution for staying active in your old age. The assistance from the motor reduces the effort needed to set off on a ride. Some electric bikes even have throttles, allowing you to build up momentum before you start pedalling.

Riding any kind of bike increases the blood flow to your brain, which staves off conditions such as Parkinson's disease. Therefore, an electric bike not only keeps your body working but your mind too.

Great For Rehabilitation

If you have an injury, an electric bike is an excellent way of gently exercising it as part of your rehabilitation.

For example, if you have an injured knee, you can ride an electric bike for low impact exercise. It will keep the joint moving while exercising the necessary muscles.

In addition to this, an electric bike with a throttle allows you to ride without pedalling like a moped. Therefore, if your injury feels aggravated, you can still get home. Also, the throttle will enable you to stay independent while you recover.

However, if you do have an injury, make sure you get advice from a health specialist. This way, you will know that an electric bike will help your specific issue.

Final Thoughts

With this information, you know know that riding an electric bike isn't cheating. In fact, these bikes are an excellent way of building fitness, creating independence and rehabilitating injuries.

Even though the electric motor can be sued to make life easier. You can still benefit from an intense workout when you need it.


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