There are benefits everywhere you look with electric bikes, and we’ve listed 10 of them below. So read on and discover why you can’t go wrong with owning an electric cycle.

1) E-bikes are faster than regular cycles

Let’s get the obvious benefit out of the way first: e-bikes are quicker than conventional cycles thanks to their motorised batteries that provide a bit more kick. You can get from A to B much faster and give yourself a well-earned rest when you’re feeling a bit leggy – some electric bikes can even travel up to 20 mph without the need to pedal. This makes an e-bike a smart move if you commute regularly and gives you something a bit faster than a regular cycle.

2) And say goodbye to hills

Say “see ya” to those ridiculously steep hills that leave you panting and gasping for breath just 10 minutes before you need to show up at the office for an important presentation. With the electric motor, you can simply stop pedalling and enjoy the scenery. Show up at the office feeling fresh and ready to take the day on. Of course, you can also switch the motor off if you like testing your endurance skills.

3) E-bikes help with your health

Riding a bicycle is a great way to exercise and build up your fitness. And while an e-bike doesn’t necessarily offer anything different from conventional cycles, the basic math of pedalling equates to calories lost, plus it can help in mental ways. There’s always the option of turning the motor on just for a minute or two when you’re feeling particularly tired. Doing so means you don’t need to stop your cycle altogether and can hit the pedals again when you’ve got your breath back. That small rest could be enough to help you complete a workout you might have given up on with a regular cycle.

4) You’ll save money

E-bikes are much kinder to your wallet than other methods of transport. Using one is a cheaper way to commute compared to driving and getting on public transport.

Electric bike insurance is cheaper than car insurance for a start. But you also won’t need to front up for fuel costs, fork out for parking spaces, pay driving charges or relinquish money to get a travel card for public transport. The only real, ongoing cost involves charging the battery, which you can do during off-peak hours if you really want to maximise savings.

5) There are environmental benefits, too

If you’re environmentally conscious, then you’ll love the idea of an e-bike. Global warming and climate change continue to dominate news spaces as world leaders look for ways to cut carbon emissions and create a greener planet. E-bikes already have a positive effect, as they don’t require any fuel and improve air quality as a result. E-bikes also emit less pollution per mile than motorcycles and cars, and the batteries can be eco-friendly too, as they last for a sustained period. E-bikes are just much more friendly for the environment than other types of transport.

6) Wherever you go, always take your e-bike with you

If you own a car, there’s no compact option to fold it up and tuck it under your arm. When it’s not appropriate to take a car, you’ll need to find other forms of transport. E-bikes, however, work for nearly every occasion, and you can pretty much take it wherever you go – especially if you have a folding option. From bringing them on the tube to effortlessly storing them in your home, e-bikes are nimble and easily moveable compared to other forms of transport.

7) So many options

As e-bikes increase in popularity, consumers can begin to enjoy even more options. From cost-saving e-bikes designed to go easy on your bank balance to ones that are ideal for off-road adventures, there are plenty of different types available. Choose one designed for commuting or go all out in the looks department and spend on a stylish e-bike. Whatever gets you excited about cycling, you can be sure there’s an e-bike option for you.

8) E-bikes are inclusive

E-bikes allow people of all ages and skill levels to ride without difficulty. You can use the motorised element if you’re having trouble pedalling, and they’re also practical if you’re recovering from injuries like back issues. They’re the ideal companion piece and can be used when you feel like hopping on a bike every now and then or for cycling every day, switching between electric and manual as you see fit.

9) They’re the future of transportation

If you own an e-bike now, consider yourself ahead of the curve. Many people think they could even replace cars as the primary way to get around. Electric cycles offer us a glimpse into a future world of transportation that’s at the forefront of technology and give people healthier ways to ride. What’s most exciting is that they’re still in their relative infancy and will only get better in the future.

10) Oh, and they’re just good fun

Cycling, in general, has become more popular since the pandemic, and e-bikes offer the best of both worlds. Whether you’re commuting to work every day and are taking advantage of the power they have over conventional cycles or are zipping around the park, riding an e-bike is a fun activity that adds another dynamic to cycling. They give you an element of freedom, allowing you to explore – and with the motor, you’ve never been able to go further faster on a bike.

Summary: the benefits of e-bikes

There are so many benefits of using an e-bike, no matter your riding level. In the UK, sales have nearly doubled as cyclists begin to see the benefits of jumping on an e-bike and zipping around electric style.


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