Whether an electric mountain bike for off-road adventures or a sleek city commuter, e-bikes are being embraced as a cheaper, quicker, and more eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles.

But how do they fare on the road? Here's your chance to discover the joys and conveniences of e-bike test rides, offering a first-hand experience to decide whether to switch to electrically assisted cycling.

Let's dive into how you can test out some of the best value e-bikes in the UK and see why this innovative mode of transport is becoming a staple on British roads.

Why book a test ride?

While you might already have your heart set on the latest e-bike from a top brand, getting familiar with the e-bike will help you make the most sensible purchasing decision.

Here's why taking that e-bike out for a spin is an absolute must:

  • Get hands-on experience: Feel the unique thrill as the electric motor engages, and experience the bike's pace and handling.
  • Real-world feel: Assess how the e-bike suits your style and comfort in a real-world setting, beyond just its online appearance.
  • Compare and contrast: Experience the differences between various models first-hand, something you can't replicate by browsing online.
  • Informed decisions: Gain insights that only real riding can provide, helping you make a well-rounded purchasing choice.
  • Expert advice: Benefit from the knowledge and recommendations of local bike shop specialists, potentially securing a better deal.
  • Personal assurance: Confirm that the e-bike meets your expectations regarding performance, comfort, and suitability for your cycling needs.

Where can you find electric bike stores for test rides?

Across the UK, various electric bike specialists and stores offer the chance to test-ride an array of e-bikes. These test rides are a brilliant way to get a feel for different electric bikes and understand which suits your needs best.

Whether renting for a trial run or engaging in a more in-depth test experience, these options are invaluable for making an informed decision.


Halfords has popular 6-hour trial sessions for anyone looking to try out an e-bike. For free, you can choose an e-bike from Halfords' wide range of sizes and styles from multiple cycling disciplines. You’ll have to leave a £101 deposit, which will be returned when you return the bike.

Halfords is also partnering with Komoot to suggest a load of rides local to the test centres, where you can genuinely put the bike through its paces. Check out their Komoot routes here to see where you can ride your e-bike.

If you feel like going for a 6-hour e-bike ride, completely free of charge, go to the Halfords trial finder to discover your nearest participating store.

Ride Electric

If you’re in and around the Northeast, you can try an e-bike experience free of charge. Ride Electric offers free experience rides for people looking to gain e-bike confidence and try before buying.

You can choose from many electric bike brands, including Riese & Muller, Scott, Bergamont and Kiffy. They also have many shapes and sizes, from town bikes to e-cargo bikes.  

The experience centres around a 3-mile loop that takes in coastal views, with a few short hills so you can experience the full power of being electrically assisted.

Your local bike shop

If your local bike shop has the e-bike you’re looking for, why not ask them for a test ride? They’re the saviour of so many mechanical mishaps, and they might be able to help you choose your next bike, too.

Being at the heart of the community, they can guide you around the area whilst also being able to arm you with the best bike knowledge so that you can make the right decision.

If you’re looking for a particular model or just scanning through the best bike brands, you’re a quick Google search away from being able to find the closest local bike shop or dealer to you.

5 handy tips to consider before trying an e-bike

E-bike test rides are an exciting venture that can revolutionise your cycling experience. Here are five essential tips to remember to ensure you make the most of this opportunity. These will help you thoroughly evaluate the e-bike's features and make an informed decision.

Play with the power settings

Most e-bikes and smart bikes will have a few power settings, allowing you to modulate how your e-bike motor works.

Get a feel for your e-bike using eco-mode & full power, too. This way, you’ll have a real-world understanding of how the motor feels at different power outputs.

Test a few models

Not all e-bikes are created equal, so have a go on 2, maybe even 3 different models. You can try e-bikes that are more or less expensive than your desired ride to compare the differences. Trust us, you’ll want to be absolutely sure before you buy.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

Whether it’s a simple or complex question, feel free to ask the staff at the bike shop any queries or concerns you may have.

For example:

  • “How do I bloody charge this thing?”.
  • “What's the range I can expect on a full charge?”
  • “Can I tackle steep hills with this model?”
  • “How does the weight of the e-bike affect its handling?”
  • “Are there any specific maintenance routines I should follow?”

Their expertise can clarify any doubts and ensure you're fully informed about the workings of your potential new bike.

Don’t feel like you have to buy anything

After riding an e-bike for the first time, you’ll probably want to buy it there and then! They’re that fun. But after all, you've come to test the bike first and foremost.

Sleep on the decision before you decide what you’re going to go for. If you have had this bike for a while, you’ll want to ensure it’s the best.

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