Why explore with an e-bike?

With the extra watts from your e-bike motor, you can now go further and faster than ever before. In other words, those places that were previously just a tad too far can now be ridden with ease. And hills? Well it’s like they don’t exist!

With the e-bike in mind, we’ve racked the cycling brains & experience of the Laka bike gurus to create 5 awesome e-bike routes in and around London. We’ve included bike paths, hill climbs, beautiful nature and a dash of sightseeing for good measure. All of the routes start and finish in central London but can be picked up from anywhere. Chop and change the route to suit your needs.

Download a route to explore the sights, sounds and sensations of London via e-bike!

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Hyde Park & Regents Park

Taking in two of Central London’s most famous parks, this route is a great way to introduce yourself to cycling around London. First riding up the Mall, past Buckingham Palace, and along the banks of the Serpentine in Hyde Park makes this route a classic, with plenty of Instagram opportunities.

The route then heads out of Hyde Park, going north through Fitzrovia to reach Regents Park. A quick lap of the Outer Circle (even quicker on an e-bike!) before navigating through Soho, Regents Street & back to the Embankment.

For central London this route is surprisingly light on traffic, making it a great choice if you’re getting to grips with your e-bike or you’re new to cycling altogether. You can also extend the route by taking in a couple of laps of Regents Park, or you could visit one of the many cafes on route. We won’t judge what you choose, promise.

Richmond Park

Already super popular with cyclists, Richmond Park is a brilliant place to explore via e-bike too! This route takes you along the Embankment Cycle Superhighway before cutting across, Fulham, Chelsea & Putney to reach the park.

Once at Richmond Park enjoy the flowing roads, smooth paths & light traffic that Richmond has to offer. Spot the deer and take a picnic with you to extend the ride.

Again this ride can be easily extended by taking in another loop of the park. It’s that fun, you might just have to!

Swains Lane

One of the most notorious climbs in London. Swains Lane. This hill has made many cyclists feel the burn like never before. But what better place to test out your e-bike motor?

Ride north through the city towards Hampstead Heath, where you take an anti-clockwise loop that goes up Swains Lane. The hill is only 900 meters long, but it averages a gruelling 8% with max pitches of up to 20%. It begins fairly gently but soon steepens, with the steepest sections being towards the end of the climb. Pacing yourself is critical. It’s a must-ride for any London cyclist. No pushing now!

Along the Thames

Starting in central London, this route heads west along the Cycle Superhighway, following the Thames. Taking in Fulham and Hammersmith, before crossing Chiswick bridge, this route follows the twists and turns of West London streets.

Barnes makes a great tea stop, at around half-way, before you’ll pass the London Wetland Centre before getting back onto the Embankment path. At times this route almost feels rural as you again follow the river, before taking in the bustle of Putney and Wandsworth.

Follow the river path and cross the river on Albert Bridge. Make your way back along the Cycle Superhighway to your starting point. Fairly flat, fast, and simply freeing when ridden on an e-bike.

Biggin Hill

Saving the toughest till last, this route will truly put your heart, lungs and electric motor to the test. At just over 65-kilometres this route is the longest out of our top five, but gives you the opportunity to leave the hustle and bustle of central London behind, to ride on Kent’s finest country lanes and maybe spot one or two planes at Biggin Hill.

Heading south through Dulwich and Crystal Palace, and out through the suburbs. Getting out of the city you’ll ride roads light on traffic, plus get spectacular views of the North Kent Downs. This route also takes in the lumps and bumps of Biggin Hill & the notorious Beddlestead Lane. Which definitely suits an e-bike.

The second half of the ride is almost all downhill. So you can (almost) coast back into London knowing that you’ve had a full day out on the saddle. It’s a classic London ride.


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