1. New Forest Trail Adventure

The New Forest is an untapped gem for cycling in the UK. Often overlooked in favour of more rugged and extreme locations, the New Forest offers serenity and rolling countryside. Perfect for exploring via e-bike. Also, by being roughly 2 hours by car from London, it’s the ideal e-biking location for a long weekend.

The forest is a relatively small area, but the dedicated cycle paths and gravel tracks are seemingly endless. You'll zig-zag and twist further into the forest, which takes the adventure up a notch.

And luckily, there are tons of cafes, pubs, and restaurants to indulge in after a long day on the bike. A huge plus of this area is that you’ll never stray too far from towns like Brockenhurst and Lyndhust should you need any supplies.

As for routes, we love this one from BikePacking.com. It has it all. But it’s worth getting hold of a map to explore further afield.

For accommodation, you’ll also have plenty of choices. There are lots of unique stays from quirky BnBs to campsites designed for e-bikers.

2. Ambling the River Danube: Vienna - Budapest

Looking to escape the UK? Then the EuroVelo cycle network has you covered. If you haven’t heard of EuroVelo before, they’re attempting to standardise cycling routes across Europe. When the entire network is complete, it will give cyclists 90,000 kilometres of designated cycling routes. From Greece to Finland, and Portugal to Turkey.

Whilst there are thousands of possible tours and trips on the EuroVelo network, this slice takes you on an old European odyssey from Vienna to Budapest along the river Danube.

Following EuroVelo 6 aka the River Route, you’ll pass through 3 capital cities (Vienna, Bratislava, & Budapest) whilst exploring the local wine regions and flamboyant architecture.

The flat and tranquil nature of the path makes it a popular tour for e-bikers. You’ll have no trouble finding accommodation, places to eat, and places to hire a bike.

For more information click here.

3. Sustrans Celtic Trail - Pembrokeshire Coast

With coastal paths, rural lanes, and quiet coves, the Celtic Trail winds its way through beautiful West Wales.

This trail is 215 miles, with opportunities to take numerous shortcuts and detours.

The routes are suitable for anyone and lend themselves perfectly to an e-bike, especially the Pembrokeshire hills! Some sections of the trail are more remote, requiring you to be well-stocked on supplies.

Places such as Tenby, Swansea, Fishguard, & Carmarthen, offer the chance to hop off the bike and stretch the legs on foot. You’ll also find a wealth of accommodation options!

Top tip: This route can get seriously windy. It’s best to tackle this one from west to east, making use of the usual tailwinds.

Tenby harbour

How to plan the perfect electric bike holiday

Find your map

Every good trip starts with a map. Plus it’s a fun way to get you pumped for your adventure. Whether it’s digital or on paper, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you can view all the bike routes and paths.

If you’re going digital, check out komoot. It has everything for the 21st-century explorer, from sites of interest to road surface type and elevation.

Figure out how long you want to ride for

This one is key. By being electrically assisted on an e-bike you may feel like you can push more miles a day. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

You might choose to explore at a more leisurely pace. Things like accommodation, sites, and places to eat may also affect how much riding you can achieve in a day.

Where are you going to stay

Again, having an idea of where you can bed down for the night before embarking on your tour will be a massive help. The last thing you need is to be riding into the night looking for accommodation.

Places like Airbnb can be great for finding cycle-friendly accommodation. You might also find you want to go simple and take a tent. The choice is yours.

Get electric bike insurance cover

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