For those looking to start their e-bike touring closer to the capital, our guide on London electric bike tours provides exciting options.

For the fit and adventurous, we offer a guide to some of the UK's steepest hills, perfect for an exhilarating touring experience.

For most, we’ve boiled it down to our top 3 cycling tours to ride via e-bike. From the high cliffs of Wales to the snaking riverine plains of central Europe, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Amp up your ride with these essential e-bike touring tips

E-bike tours offer a unique blend of adventure and convenience. Unlike conventional bikes, e-bikes add an electric boost to your leg’s effort, making them perfect for quickly covering greater distances or tackling challenging terrains.

Understanding the benefits of clipless pedals can be invaluable for those looking to enhance their riding experience, especially on steep and rural terrains.

Strap in, power up, and transform your touring game with these e-bike tips!

  • Get to know your e-bike - Familiarise yourself with the e-bike's settings and capabilities. Know how to switch between different levels of assistance to match the terrain and your energy levels.
  • Battery management - Kick off with a full battery and map out your charging spots. Long ride? Pack that charger. It's all about staying powered up for the journey ahead.
  • Advantage in hilly areas - Let your e-bike flex its muscles on those hilly stretches. It’s about savouring the view, not huffing and puffing your way up.
  • Find your pace - An electric boost is tempting, but remember, steady wins the race. Keeping a consistent pace means your battery won’t bail on you halfway.
  • Distance? No problem - E-bikes are distance-devouring beasts. They remove the fatigue from the equation, so you can focus on the exploration part.
  • Battery life hacks - Flat road ahead? Ease off the juice. A bit more pedal-pushing can stretch your battery's legs further.
  • Pack the essentials - Never skimp on your bike packing essentials - a repair kit, extra tubes, and that trusty multi-tool. E-bikes are sturdy, but it’s always wise to be prepared.
  • Weight matters - E-bikes pack a few extra pounds. Keep this in mind when you're manoeuvring or transporting your two-wheeled companion.
  • Safety is king - Helmets on, speed in check, especially when zooming downhill. Remember, e-bikes can pick up the pace quickly.
  • Play nice on the trails - Share the path with a smile. E-bikes are stealthy, so a friendly ring or a heads-up can keep things smooth with fellow trail lovers.

New Forest Trail Adventure

The New Forest is an untapped gem for cycling in the UK. Often overlooked in favour of more rugged and extreme locations, the New Forest offers serenity and rolling countryside. Perfect for exploring via e-bike. Also, roughly 2 hours by car from London, it’s the ideal e-biking location for a long weekend.

Natural beauty and quiet country lanes

As you venture through the New Forest, you're greeted by a landscape brimming with natural beauty. Quiet country lanes meander through lush woodlands and open heaths, offering a tranquil escape from the bustle of city life.

Although relatively small, the forest is a mosaic of picturesque scenery, with endless dedicated cycle paths and gravel tracks. You'll zig-zag and twist further into the woods, which takes the adventure up a notch.

Historic towns and quaint villages

Nestled within this serene environment are historic towns and quaint villages that seem untouched by time. Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst, with their mediaeval charm, serve as perfect pitstops to soak in the beautiful countryside.

Luckily, there are many cafes, pubs, and restaurants to indulge in after a long day on the bike. A huge plus of this area is that you’ll never stray too far from Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst should you need any supplies.

As for routes, we love this one from BikePacking. It has it all. But it’s worth getting a hold of a map to explore further in the field.

Top tip: To stay safe and enjoy peace of mind through your new forest run, check out our bike insurance comparison page to find the best option!

Accommodation options

For your stay, the New Forest has a plethora of unique accommodations. From quirky B&Bs to e-bike-friendly campsites, there's something to suit every preference, ensuring your e-bike adventure is as comfortable as it is memorable.

EuroVelo Adventure: Vienna - Budapest

Looking to escape the UK? Then, the EuroVelo cycle network has you covered. If you haven’t heard of EuroVelo before, they’re attempting to standardise European cycling routes.

When the entire network is complete, it will give cyclists 90,000 kilometres of designated cycling routes from Greece to Finland and Portugal to Turkey.

Experience the heart of Europe

Embark on a journey that weaves through the heart of Europe, from Vienna to Budapest. Along EuroVelo 6 - the River Route - you’ll discover a tapestry of picturesque villages and Baroque towns.

With its unique history and charm, each town along the way invites you to linger and explore. From the cobblestoned streets of quaint hamlets to the grandeur of famous cities, this route is a treasure trove of central European culture and heritage.

Scenic cycling by blue lakes and historic castles

As you pedal along the Danube, the scenic beauty is unmatched. You’ll cycle past tranquil blue lakes, offering moments of serene contemplation. The route is dotted with historic castles, as silent sentinels to the region's rich past.

These majestic structures, set against the backdrop of lush landscapes, provide a stunning visual treat and a glimpse into centuries-old stories.

For more information, click here.

Sustrans Celtic Trail - Pembrokeshire Coast

With coastal paths, rural lanes, and quiet coves, the Celtic Trail winds its way through beautiful West Wales. This trail is 215 miles, with numerous shortcuts and detour opportunities.

The routes suit anyone and lend themselves perfectly to an e-bike, especially the Pembrokeshire hills! Some sections of the trail are more remote, requiring you to be well-stocked on supplies.

Coastal cycling at its best

The Sustrans Celtic Trail offers a unique coastal cycling experience, where you can ride alongside stunning sandy beaches and the breathtaking natural beauty of the Welsh coast. As you pedal, the fresh sea breeze and panoramic ocean views accompany you, enhancing the sense of adventure and freedom.

Explore authentic towns and beautiful villages

Along the trail, you'll encounter authentic towns and beautiful villages that embody West Wales's charm. Each town, with its own character and history, offers a warm welcome to cyclists.

Tenby, for instance, is known for its picturesque harbour and colourful buildings, while Fishguard boasts a rich maritime history.

Extend your journey

For those looking to extend their cycling trip, the Celtic Trail is conveniently located near several iconic cities and ancient towns. A short ride away, you can explore the historic city of Swansea or visit Carmarthen, one of the oldest towns in Wales. These nearby destinations perfectly blend historical exploration and modern Welsh culture.

Tailor your adventure

With the versatility of an e-bike, you can easily tailor your journey to include these nearby attractions, turning your cycling trip into a comprehensive exploration of Welsh heritage and landscapes.

Top tip: This route can get seriously windy. It’s best to tackle this one from west to east, using the usual tailwinds.

Tenby harbour

How to plan the perfect electric bike holiday in 4 easy steps

Planning an electric bike holiday combines the thrill of exploration with the ease of e-biking. It’s about crafting an adventure that suits your pace and preferences, ensuring each pedal stroke brings a new discovery.

Follow these four easy steps to plan the perfect e-bike holiday, where the journey becomes part of the unforgettable experience.

Find your map

Every good trip starts with a map. Plus, it’s a fun way to get you pumped for your adventure. Whether it’s digital or on paper, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you can view all the bike routes and paths.

If you’re going digital, check out Komoot. It has everything for the 21st-century explorer, from sites of interest to road surface type and elevation.

Figure out how long you want to ride for

This one is key. Being electrically assisted on an e-bike may make you feel you can push more miles daily. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

You can explore at a more leisurely pace. Things like accommodation, sites, and places to eat may also affect how much riding you can achieve daily.

Where are you going to stay

Knowing where to bed down for the night before your tour will significantly help. The last thing you need is to be riding into the night looking for accommodation.

Places like Airbnb can be great for finding cycle-friendly accommodation. You can also go simple and take a tent. The choice is yours.

Get electric bike insurance cover

It's not what you want to think about before your trip. But electric bike insurance can really save your bacon. With coverage for theft, damage, loss and more, keep your e-bike protected at home and abroad.

Top FAQs about e-bike tours

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about e-bike tours, with answers tailored by our own e-bike nerds here at Laka:

What is the best e-bike for touring?

The best e-bike for touring depends on the tour you're planning. For long-distance tours, look for an e-bike with a robust frame, comfortable seating, and a long-lasting battery. Models with cargo racks and panniers are excellent for carrying supplies. Brands like Trek, Giant, and Specialised offer great options designed for touring.

What should I take on an e-bike tour?

Essential items for an e-bike tour include a helmet, a repair kit (including a spare tube and pump), a charger for your e-bike, water, snacks, weather-appropriate clothing, and a first-aid kit. If you're touring for multiple days, pack light but sufficient clothing, a map or GPS device, and any necessary overnight items.

Do you need to be fit to go on an e-bike tour?

E-bikes are designed to make cycling more accessible, so you don't need to be highly fit. The electric assist helps with challenging sections, like uphill climbs. However, a basic fitness level is advisable, as you'll still be pedalling and engaging in physical activity, especially on more extended tours.

Are e-bike tours safe?

Yes, e-bike tours are safe if you follow basic safety guidelines. Wear a helmet, understand your e-bike's controls, adhere to traffic rules, and be aware of your surroundings. E-bikes are heavier and faster than conventional bikes, so practice handling and braking before embarking on a tour.

A journey to remember

Ready for an electrifying adventure? E-bike tours are your ticket to an unforgettable holiday. They're all about the thrill of the journey, the wind in your hair, and the freedom under your feet.

Whether you’re weaving through the New Forest, cruising by the Danube, or tackling the Pembrokeshire Coast, e-bikes amplify the fun while dialling down on the effort.

Forget the slog up hills and long, tiring distances. E-bikes level the playing field, making the joy of cycling accessible to all. Imagine pedalling through quaint villages, historic towns, and stunning landscapes – all with a bit of electric oomph. It’s the perfect blend of adventure and ease.

So, why switch gears this holiday? Grab an e-bike and see more, do more, feel more. Whether you're a cycling newbie or a seasoned pro, an e-bike tour is a game changer.

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