These bikes are not just about adding ease to your ride - they're about redefining what's possible on two wheels. For those considering the switch, it's wise to compare e-bike insurance options to find the best coverage for your new ride.

From extending your riding sessions to conquering new trails and elevating your entire biking experience, E-MTBs are game changers. If you're gearing up to join the electric revolution, Laka's got you covered with these essential tips for beginning your E-MTB journey.

Dive into the future of mountain biking and discover how to harness the full potential of your electric bike.

1. Learn The Controls

When you first swing your leg over an electric mountain bike, most of the cockpit will be familiar. While the basic setup echoes that of a traditional mountain bike, E-MTBs have additional features that bring a new dimension to your ride.
Familiarising yourself with these nuances is crucial for an optimal riding experience.

LCD Screen

Your handlebars will feature an LCD screen, displaying essential information about your bike, such as speed, distance, and battery level.

Assistance Level Selection

Some screens have integrated buttons for selecting assistance levels, while others might have separate control buttons.

Intuitive Controls

The controls on E-MTBs are increasingly intuitive, simplifying the selection of assistance levels and managing battery power.

Variety of Assistance Levels

Electric mountain bikes typically offer 3 to 5 levels of assistance, each tailored to different riding needs, from gentle aid on flat terrains to more robust support for uphill challenges.

Pedalling Requirement

Despite the motor assistance, pedalling is still integral to the journey, blending human effort with electric power for a balanced ride.

2. Pedal Fast

Electric mountain bikes, or E-MTBs, are engineered for efficiency, and much of this comes down to how you use the pedal assist system. When you switch to a higher cadence, you're not just pedalling faster - you're actively engaging the bike's motor to work harmoniously with your efforts.

This synergy between your pedalling and the electric bike motor results in a smoother ride and maximises your power output. A study [PDF] commissioned by British Cycling and conducted by Edinburgh Napier University supports this.

It reveals that e-MTB riders tend to ride further, faster, and more frequently than other cyclists, with mental health benefits being a significant factor​​.

The Impact of Power Modes on Your Ride

Your E-MTB has various power modes designed to cater to different riding conditions. These modes regulate the motor assistance you receive, which directly affects how much battery life you'll use.

For instance, a lower power mode might be just the ticket for a leisurely trail ride, ensuring battery longevity. A higher method gives you that extra oomph needed for challenging uphill battles.

Making the Most of Your Motor Assistance

Transitioning from a regular bike to an E-MTB can be a game changer, especially when tackling steep climbs. You might be tempted to climb up in a higher gear, but here's where the electric bike works its magic.

Opt for a lower gear and let the motor assistance take the strain. This approach not only conserves energy but also enhances the efficiency of your ride.

When you're ready to take on some of the steepest roads in the UK, your E-MTB will be there to support you every pedal of the way.

Tackling Hills with the Right Gear

When you engage the highest assistance level on steep inclines, be mindful of the torque sensor in your E-MTB. This nifty feature measures the force you apply to the pedals and adjusts the motor's power accordingly.

However, it can cause the front wheel to lift if not balanced correctly. To counter this, lean forward slightly, ensuring your front wheel stays grounded, giving you a stable and controlled ascent.

Balancing Efficiency and Enjoyment

Remember, the beauty of E-MTBs lies in their ability to seamlessly blend human power with electric assistance. While the motor plays a significant role, your rider input truly brings out the bike's potential.

So, pedal away, enjoy the ride, and watch as your E-MTB transforms your trail riding experience with its blend of raw power and refined control.

3. Manage Your Weight

E-MTBs, with their cutting-edge electric bike motors, are engineered to ease the weight burden, ensuring you enjoy a less strenuous ride. But it's crucial to remember the golden rule: the heavier the load, the more your motor has to hustle.
This extra effort can nibble away at your range. So, when prepping for your trail adventure, think lightweight - even your spare battery should be a featherweight range extender.

The Full Suspension

Descending a hill on an E-MTB feels markedly different from a standard mountain bike due to the additional weight primarily from the mid-drive motor and battery. But fear not!

This is where the entire suspension system of your electric mountain bike shines. With both front and rear shock absorbers working in unison, your bike quickly absorbs the bumps and grinds of the trail, transforming extra weight into an advantage for stability and control.

The Mid Drive Motor

Your E-MTB's mid-drive motor isn't just a powerhouse; it's strategically placed to optimise balance. Sitting snugly at the bike's core ensures a low centre of gravity.
This central positioning is pivotal, especially when manoeuvring through challenging terrains. It translates to a more natural ride feel - akin to a regular bike but with the bonus of extra power.

Braking Dynamics with Added Heft

With great power comes greater responsibility, especially when it comes to braking. The heftier weight of an electric mountain bike, courtesy of its motor and battery, means you'll need to tweak your braking technique.

Start breaking a tad earlier than you would on a conventional bike. This foresight is vital to managing your stopping distance and keeping your ride smooth and safe.

Stability and Control on Rough Terrain

Here's where the extra weight of your E-MTB becomes a boon. Picture this: you're cruising down a rough, off-camber trail. The added heft, particularly the low-slung weight, grants you stability that's hard to match.

It keeps your wheels hugging the terrain, reducing the risk of slips and flips. It's all about embracing the weight – it's not just there; it's there to help you conquer the trails like a pro.

For more insights on leveraging these advantages, check out these MTB tips and tricks by pro rider Ben Deakin.

4. Use Your Electric Mountain Bike To Explore

Electric mountain bikes, or E-MTBs, transform how we interact with the great outdoors. Their robust design and powerful electric motors make them ideal for tackling terrains once deemed unreachable.

These bikes are not just about powering up steep inclines effortlessly - they're about expanding the boundaries of exploration on two wheels.

Variety of E-Bikes for Every Terrain

E-MTBs come in various flavours, each tailored to specific riding experiences. Full-suspension bikes, with front and rear shock absorbers, are perfect for rough mountain trails, absorbing shocks and providing unmatched comfort.

Electric road bikes, streamlined for speed and efficiency, are your best bet for long stretches of pavement. And then there are electric gravel bikes, the all-terrain warriors, ideal for those who like to mix up their ride with a bit of everything.

Full-Suspension Bikes: The Ultimate Trail Companions

For trail enthusiasts, full-suspension E-MTBs are a match made in heaven. Their ability to quickly tackle challenging, uneven terrains makes them invaluable for adventurers.

The suspension system absorbs the bumps, providing a smoother ride and better control, making your off-road adventures more enjoyable and less jarring.

Standard Mountain Bikes

Don't overlook the charm of a standard mountain bike. While they might not have the extra push of a motor, they offer a more traditional biking experience.
For those looking to switch between powered and traditional biking, standard mountain bikes offer a familiar, raw biking feel, keeping you connected to the essence of the sport.

Responsible Exploration

Embarking on an adventure with your E-MTB is exhilarating, but it requires responsible planning. Familiarise yourself with the route and ensure your battery has enough juice for the journey.

Taking a spare battery for longer excursions is a wise move. Most importantly, always inform someone about your route and check in regularly. And remember, solo trips might be tempting, but exploring with a buddy is safer.

As you venture into more challenging terrain, remember that an E-MTB doesn't eliminate the need for skill and commitment. Steep, technical ascents require a blend of motor power and rider finesse.

It's about finding that spot where technology enhances your natural riding ability, not replacing it. So embrace these challenges as opportunities to grow as a rider and enjoy the unique thrill of conquering challenging trails on your E-MTB.

Before setting out to conquer the trails, it's a great idea to equip yourself with the best mountain bike accessories to enhance your riding experience.

5. Take A Test Ride

Electric bikes are expensive - therefore, take a test ride before buying one. A test ride will highlight how the motor delivers the power and how well it works with the drivetrain. You will also be able to get a feel for the bike's geometry to see if it suits you and the terrain you ride.

The geometry of an electric mountain bike is essential, as it will make a difference in how it fits you and feels. For example, its reach figure will dictate how "roomy" it feels, and its head angle will determine its stability on steep descents.

Final Thoughts: Unleashing the Power of Your E-MTB

Your electric mountain bike unlocks a tremendous amount of potential for riding. Whether you want to make two loops of your favourite trail rather than the one you can typically manage, go exploring, or make life easier.

With these top five tips, you're well-equipped to unlock the full potential of your electric mountain bike. From mastering the controls to exploring uncharted trails, each tip is a stepping stone to transforming your riding experience.

Remember, it's not just about the destination - the journey and the joy you find along the way. Stay safe, relish every moment, and ride with confidence.

And don't forget, safeguarding your investment with Laka's electric bike insurance ensures peace of mind, letting you focus on what you love most – the thrill of the ride.

Welcome to the exhilarating world of E-MTBs – where every trail is an invitation to explore, and every ride is a new adventure.


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