The partnership will save fleet managers time through Laka's hassle-free, transparent, and flexible insurance cover and Captur’s easily integrated software and intuitive user flow for pain-free fleet management.

London, UK, 10th May, 2022 - Laka, the Europe-wide leading green mobility insurance provider has officially announced a partnership with Captur, who provide an AI-based operations management platform.

The partnership streamlines the fleet management process for Laka’s partners, reducing manual and time-consuming reporting. By tapping into Captur’s real-time data about the condition and location of assets, Laka can lower the burden on fleet managers, reduce the chance of human error and improve productivity. Laka’s operational efficiency will be boosted by access to accurate and timely fleet data, meaning fleets can benefit from made-to-measure insurance cover that’s flexible for their wants and needs. In a super competitive and newly-emerging market, the partnership will also see Laka and Captur collaborate on industry challenges and pain points.

Speaking on the partnership, Ollie Howard, Lead Partner Account Manager for Laka said: “Laka is thrilled to partner with Captur to support our current partners with a cutting-edge operations management platform. Like Laka, Captur is changing the green mobility and last-mile industry through innovative technology. By working with Captur, we’ll be able to create the industry-leading service for fleets by streamlining fleet operations (with tech), accessing real time fleet data for our partners, and collaborating on industry challenges to take instant action. Through this partnership we’ll help protect fleets and keep delivery riders safe ”

Speaking on the partnership, Charlotte Bax, the founder of Captur said: “Laka is rethinking insurance from the ground up and has built an incredible product for the rapidly growing ebike market. We’re excited to partner together on building new tools to enable the shift from ownership to on-demand assets. Imagining one platform of real-time data to give companies, suppliers, and insurers complete visibility over their operations.”