We'll now offer Decathlon’s UK customers an exclusive offer to ensure their customers are protected when riding their bikes. Known for selling all things sports equipment, clothing and accessories, the partnership is incredibly exciting and beneficial to all customers and builds on our existing network of bike shops and brands. Building on the success of our technology partnership in the Netherlands, Belgium and France for connected e-bikes, this shows the commitment to stamp out thieves and keeping everyone riding.

On the Decathlon partnership , Tobias Taupitz, Laka CEO said:

“Laka is really excited to be able to offer more of Decathlon's customers insurance at point of sale. We’re determined to provide a best-in-class experience for its customers. Together, we can help their customers fully enjoy their bike, knowing that Laka has their backs and swiftly get them back on the saddle if needed.”

David Martin, Cycling Commercial Lead at Decathlon UK, said:

“At Decathlon, our mission is to make the wonders of sports more accessible to all, and ensuring that they have peace of mind while doing so is really important. Knowing that your bike is protected against damage and theft is vital for cyclists, and I’m looking forward to working with Laka to provide this security to all of our customers across the UK.”

All Decathlon UK customers will receive 30 days free insurance.

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