Who are PentaLock?

Since their launch in 2017, the Danish PentaLock has been driven toward disrupting the bike security industry with their integrated bike lock solution. Combining innovative anti-theft features, such as an immobilizer and alarm, with the convenience of locking the bike with a digital key or smartphone, makes it possible for bike brands and fleet owners to easily manufacture bikes that are both convenient and secure. Since 2021, PentaLock has also focused on optimizing the sensor technology used for e-bikes, creating a safer and more convenient riding experience. You can look forward to PentaLock-integrated bikes hitting the streets and stores throughout 2023!

Why have we partnered with PentaLock?

PentaLock's system is integrated into the bicycle's crank, making it almost impossible for thieves to remove without damaging the bike. This concept has been inspired by the automobile industry, which has seen significant innovation and a downward trend in theft since the introduction of integrated immobilizers.

In the bicycle industry, there has been a dramatic rise in the value of stolen bikes with no corresponding developments in regard to the locks that secure them.

"We are really pleased with this innovative partnership and to collaborate with PentaLock to stop thieves in their tracks," said Tobias Taupitz, CEO of Laka. “As a disrupter in our own right we are continually looking for partners changing the way we cycle.”  

Emil Norup, the founder of Pentalock, said, "We are thrilled to be partnering with Laka. By combining Laka’s innovative insurance model with PentaLock’s preventive measures, we are truly giving back to bike brands and cyclists who choose PentaLock to protect their investment.”

With this partnership, Laka and Pentalock hope to offer a complete solution to brands and manufacturers that will allow them to offer more secure bikes to consumers looking to protect their investment and enjoy peace of mind.

For more information about Laka and PentaLock, please visit www.laka.co.uk and www.pentalock.dk. Our partnership with PentaLock is an EU collaboration.

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