In this article, we caught up with bike leasing experts BikeFlex to explore 5 reasons why you should consider leasing your next bike!

But first… meet BikeFlex!

BikeFlex is the brainchild of ecommerce entrepreneur Tim Hammond and professional cyclist Russ Downing. Their mission is to help cyclists in the UK get the bike they want at an affordable monthly price.

“BikeFlex Leasing is more flexible than buying your bike on finance as you can hand it back when you want to change bikes without the hassle of selling it. It's also more affordable too as there is no deposit and your monthly payments are lower as you're not paying to own the bike. At the end of the lease you have the option to own with a final payment. How flexible is that?” Says Russ.

So, why should you consider leasing your next bike?

1) Save £££’s

First and foremost, leasing a bike can be significantly more cost-effective than buying one outright, as you only pay for the time you use it rather than the full purchase price! With bike prices only heading in one direction, leasing a bike could be your ticket to a cheaper ride. BikeFlex’s leases start at around £77 per month. Although you’ll also get lots of benefits packaged into the lease (more on this later!).

2) Flexibility

Another reason to consider leasing is the flexibility you get from not owning the bike outright. Buying a bike can be a bit of a minefield. It’s definitely a scary decision having to lay down a lump sum to own a bike for the next who-knows-how-many years!

But with leasing you’re free to try out different models and styles without committing to a single one. A much more relaxing experience with greater flexibility than buying a bike.

3) Insurance included

When you lease your bike all of the details are taken care of. The price isn’t just for the bike, it’s the full package! With BikeFlex you’ll receive comprehensive Laka Bike Insurance cover so you can ride care-free knowing you’re protected should the worst happen.

4) Leasing is the future!

It’s not just cyclists who are seeing the benefits of leasing. Whether it’s for a car, phone, or bike, leasing or renting is super convenient.

Leasing a bike allows you to upgrade to a newer model more frequently, as you can return the leased bike and choose a new one when your lease term ends! It can also be a great way to protect the environment which leads to…

5) Environmental impact

By leasing a bike instead of buying a new one, you can help reduce your environmental impact by minimising the production of new materials and the waste associated with disposing of an old bike.

BikeFlex also recycles the best pre-owned bikes, e-bikes, and cargo bikes which are refurbished, serviced and made available in the pre-owned lease section. Meaning you can pick up a bike, e-bike, or e-cargo bike from just £70 a month. Creating a neat circular economy for bikes!

How does BikeFlex work?

If you’re interested in giving BikeFlex a try, here are the key details:

1. Choose an ebike from over a dozen leading brands from just £77 per month including insurance from Laka.

2. Select a bike lease plan from 12 months with Laka insurance built in.

3. Options to switch bikes or own the bike with a final payment.


You can choose a bike or ebike to lease online at or instore at participating retailers. You can also come and see BikeFlex at the Cycle Show, London, 21st to 23rd April.