Unravelling the specifics of e-bike insurance can be a daunting task. This comparison guide is designed to cut through the confusion, highlighting the essential aspects of e-bike insurance coverage.

We delve into the details of what various policies offer, ensuring you can make an informed decision about the protection your e-bike truly needs.

Compare Laka's Collective E-bike Insurance

The table below shows what you're covered for with the leading electric bicycle insurance providers in the UK.

We considered the top priorities for e-bikers, including ensuring you're covered for e-bike-specific mishaps like battery theft and damage.

Laka Electric Bicycle Insurance Comparison Table

Cover it with Laka

Laka policy is meticulously crafted to provide extensive coverage for the modern e-biker. With Laka, you're not just insuring your e-bike - you're ensuring a worry-free ride every time you hit the road.

Here's what you can expect:

E-bike theft and damage

Our policy provides extensive cover against theft or damage to your e-bike, ensuring your ride is protected at home and on the go. Whether navigating city streets or rural paths, rest assured your e-bike is safeguarded.

Third-party loss

In the event your e-bike causes damage to others, our third-party loss cover offers financial protection, helping you handle claims and maintain peace of mind.

Public liability

At just £1.50 a month with Laka Club, our public liability cover is affordable and essential. It protects you against legal liabilities arising from accidents, ensuring you're covered in unforeseen incidents.

Travel coverage

Ideal for the adventurous cyclist, our travel coverage extends up to 120 days, protecting your e-bike even when exploring new terrains.

Should any legal issues arise related to your e-bike, our policy includes expert legal support. Access professional advice and navigate legal challenges with ease.

Emergency cash

In times of theft or an accident, immediate financial support is crucial. Our policy ensures quick access to emergency cash, helping to alleviate the primary financial strain and assist in a swift recovery.

Extended coverage options

Personalise your policy with our additional protections, such as personal accident and malicious damage cover. These options provide an extra layer of security, adapting the policy to fit your unique cycling lifestyle.

Custom policies for the connoisseurs

In addition to standard e-bike insurance, a custom bike insurance policy is vital if you've customised your bike to become a high-end work of art - or have specific needs. Tailored policies cater to unique requirements, ensuring your bike's characteristics and value are adequately covered.

How does Laka's unique collective approach benefit cyclists?

But joining Laka isn't just signing up for an insurance policy. It's joining a collective of fellow e-bikers to help each other on the roads and trails.

This is because we charge customers at the end of the month, with each individual's monthly cost capped at a personal maximum based on the value of their bike and gear.

No surprises

You'll never pay more than your cap, so you don't have to worry about unnecessary charges.

We can do this because our set-up is collective-driven and puts the power in the hands of our customers.

80% of what you pay goes to help other members get back on the road after a problem - everyone chips in, and our collective of cyclists is more potent.

The Laka price

Your monthly share is honest and fair since you only get charged for the actual cost of claims that happened in the previous month.

80% of your share is for helping fellow riders - the other 20% keeps our wheels spinning. We call this the 80/20 rule.

Get an estimate of what you would pay with Laka for an instant quote!

Specialist E-bike Insurance v Home Insurance: What’s the difference?

Opting for a specialist e-bike insurance policy offers tailored coverage that often surpasses the protection provided by standard home insurance.

Specialist policies are designed to understand the unique aspects of electric bicycles, offering specific protections like coverage for higher-value bikes, dedicated assistance for e-bike-related issues, and comprehensive cover for theft and accidental damage.

The limitations of home insurance

While adding your e-bike to a home insurance policy seems convenient, it often falls short in providing comprehensive e-bike coverage:

  • Generalised coverage: Home insurance typically treats e-bikes like any other household item, lacking specific protections unique to e-bikes.
  • Exclusions and Caps: You might encounter exclusions for e-bike-specific scenarios and lower maximum coverage values, which may not suffice for higher-value e-bikes.
  • Lack of Specialised Support: Home insurance policies generally don't offer dedicated support for e-bike-related issues, which can be vital in case of theft, damage, or technical problems.

Flexible e-bike cover when you need it most

Lots of bicycle insurers will try to tie you to long-winded contracts. But we believe you should have the freedom to choose the right insurance cover for when it suits you.

That’s why a Laka policy is flexible to the month, and you can cancel anytime. Not for you? You can leave anytime with no hard feelings.

E-bike owners need to understand the legal requirements and the importance of liability coverage. Our policies are designed to ensure compliance with legal standards related to e-bike insurance.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive third-party liability cover, an essential aspect of e-bike insurance. This protection is crucial for incidents involving third-party damages or injuries, securing your legal and financial interests.

With Laka, you can select and modify your coverage, ensuring legal protection and liability coverage are tailored to your changing needs.

What is our claims experience like?

At Laka, we take pride in our top-notch claims experience, especially regarding e-bike insurance.

With Laka you’ll be supported by bike nerds that know their Bosch e-bike motor from their Bosch dishwasher. I mean it's obvious right.

Some highlights of our claims experience include:

  • Knowledgeable support: Our claims team is well-versed in all things e-bike. Whether it's distinguishing between an e-bike motor and other components, they are equipped to assist efficiently.
  • Swift resolution: We understand the importance of quickly getting you back on the road. Our streamlined process ensures that your claim is handled promptly and effectively.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Whether it's a case of theft, damage, or technical issues with your e-bike battery, our policies are designed to cover a wide range of scenarios, providing peace of mind and reliable support when you need it most.

At Laka, filing a claim is more than a transaction - it's about receiving support from those who share your passion for cycling, ensuring you're back in the saddle as soon as possible.

What our customers say about us

At Laka, we're proud of our service, but don't just take our word for it. Our customers' experiences speak volumes about our commitment to exceptional service.

From handling theft claims to dealing with accidents, our customer testimonials reflect the trust and satisfaction e-bikers have found in our insurance solutions.  

Laka review from Margaritis

Don’t just take our word for it. Have a read of some reviews from e-bikers we’ve helped along the way:

Above and beyond: A theft recovery tale

"It is by far the best customer experience I ever had! My electric bike was stolen and they handled my claim better than I could ever even dream of. It goes without saying they ordered a new replacement bike in minutes after examining my claim.

I am honestly grateful and lost for words! I would recommend LAKA to anyone and I intend to let all in my circle know how amazing their people and their service are!

If you have any doubts or thoughts about getting bike insurance with Laka, simply stop thinking and DO IT, You will be grateful to them as soon as you realise how they work and what they offer"

"Crashed my bike into a canal, which was only a problem because it's an electric bike. Laka were an absolute pleasure to deal with re getting it sorted. Communication was excellent, promises kept and often surpassed expectations. Recommended."

Restoring faith in insurance

"Very many thanks to you and all at Laka. This has been a wonderfully refreshing faith-restoring experience. Your customer service has been fabulous."

Turning a bad experience around

“Rest assured that when we come to re-insure our new bikes, we will certainly come to Laka... You have redeemed a bad and upsetting experience!! You can be sure that we will tell everyone on our travels about your marvellous service!”

Ready to jump ship?

Are you contemplating a switch to a more responsive, cyclist-centric insurance for your e-bike?

With Laka, you're not just choosing one of the many electric bike insurance policies - you're joining a community that understands and passionately caters to the specific needs of e-bikers.

From flexible coverage options to expert claims handling, Laka offers an insurance experience as dynamic and forward-thinking as you are.

So, if you're ready to experience the difference and join a collective that genuinely gets your cycling lifestyle, Laka is here to welcome you aboard. Let's revolutionise your e-bike experience together!


Get covered for theft, accidental damage, full battery cover, loss and more. Try our 5-star rated e-bike insurance. It's e-bike insurance, and then some.