Name: Jess aka Scoot

Location: London

Current commuting bike: Specialized Tarmac, which is not the most practical because I can't really lock it up anywhere. But it's the most comfortable and fastest bike to ride, getting me to my destination quicker!

Favourite commuting kit: My Rapha off-bike kit because they make a really good range of ride to work kit but you can still go about your daily business. I love the simplicity of it, meaning you don't need to change. I wear my Rapha Randonnee shorts which have little high vis tabs on them so that when you're cycling you have extra visibility and then when you get to work you can neatly tuck them away.

Why do you pick cycling as your transport?: It gets me to my destination faster, it's free, and I get some exercise in. There's literally no downside. Public transport can take up to twice as long, it's expensive and you can't rely on it. On a bike you can control your time, when you leave, and how long it takes.

What is the most useful cycling tip you have received?: Always carry puncture repair stuff. Even if you never get punctures it’s just good to have with you.

Also if you're just starting out riding to work. Start with smaller journeys and build up. Always behave as if people will make a mistake to keep you out of harm's way. And invest in really good waterproofs.

Why do you think it is important to get women cycling?: For all of the reasons I took it up in the first place. Quicker, cheaper and to get exercise in.

What do you think is the biggest barrier to women cycling?: The perception of danger. I think women are more likely to let the perception of danger stop them from starting cycling. Whereas men are less likely to let the perception of danger stop them from giving it a go in the first place.

Also gender stereotypes. As you get older girls aren't encouraged to be sportier, they’re encouraged to be more feminine. Wearing lycra on a bike isn't particularly feminine. When you don't have lots of girls cycling, then other girls are less likely to take part themselves.

Your favourite environmentally friendly habit?: I don't have a driving license. So not driving! I’m forced to always ride and get public transport so that is my biggest environmentally friendly habit.

Greener cities through women cycling....

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