Name: Savannah

Location: London

Current commuting bike: Liv Envie road bike

Favourite commuting kit: dhb women's cycling kit

Why do you pick cycling as your transport?: It's often quicker than most forms of transport and it benefits your health too!

What is the most useful cycling tip you have received?: Get some comfy shorts, for women especially, there are shorts out there for every shape/size. Shop around.

Why do you think it is important to get women cycling?: Because why not! Cycling is a great form of transport and there's a growing women's cycling community in the UK that welcomes cyclists in all different forms!

What do you think is the biggest barrier to women cycling?: Perception of the sport,  it is perceived cycling is a 'man's world' and that you have to be in lycra or spend lots of money on a bike. We learn to ride bikes as children regardless of gender and money, so there's no reason for it to be a barrier as an adult.

Your favourite environmentally friendly habit?: Using a reusable tote bag at every opportunity possible!

Greener cities through women cycling....

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