Name: Nicole

Location: Bristol

Current commuting bike: Custom-built Specialized Sirrus Pro 2005 with dynamo lighting

Favourite commuting kit: My reflective helmet with a built-in rear light

Why do you pick cycling as your transport?: Bristol traffic is notoriously bad. Cycling is the quickest way to get to places.

What is the most useful cycling tip you have received?: Have low bike gearing! I specced my bike with a Shimano mountain groupset for this very reason. I always see cyclists standing up to pedal up Park Street while people on city bikes are able to ride up it while seated.

Why do you think it is important to get women cycling?: The image of cycling in the UK needs to change from sport to utility. Cycling is an environmentally-friendly mode of transport and you can make getting fit part of your daily routine.

What do you think is the biggest barrier to women cycling?: The stress of keeping up with traffic, being the target of road rage, & being patronised when women go into bike shops.

Your favourite environmentally friendly habit?: I take reusable takeaway containers, coffee cups and shopping bags with me.

Greener cities through women cycling....

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