City Bike Buying Tips

The type of bicycle you choose to buy is going to depend heavily on the riding you do. Think about the length of your journeys, whether they're hilly and whether you might want to just hop on a train for part of it.

If you're going to be picking up shopping and heavy items, then look no further than a cargo-bike. If you're planning to take it on the train or underground, then a folding bike is for you. If you're simply looking for the fastest way to travel around the city, then an electric city bike will be your preferred option.

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1. All-Rounder: Austin Atto

If we’re honest, the Austin Atto ticks all of the boxes when looking for the ultimate city bike. It's also a real head-turner with it's super slick and stylish folding design. But when it comes down to it, this bike is simply a great commuter cycle.

The frame is made from a high-grade carbon fibre which makes this bike light and nimble to ride. Perfect for the multiple stops, starts and twists encountered on a city commute.

And it's not just the frame that's carbon. The forks, handlebars, seat post, wheels and belt drive are all made of the same carbon material making the bike unbelievably light. All the stopping power is provided through the Shimano hydraulic disk brakes making any unexpected stop a breeze.

Although the problem for many city cyclists is what do you do with your bike when you arrive at your destination? Is it worth the hassle of carrying a big D lock around with you, worrying about where and when you lock it up on the street? With the Austin you simply fold it up and carry it with you.

Of course, Brompton pioneered the folding design but Austin have definitely perfected it, made easy with the already mentioned lightweight construction. Taking just 10 seconds to fold and carry, the Atto is the perfect machine for rushing around town from one meeting to the next.

And last of all what's super neat about the Atto is the customisable extras you can add to your bike. With Exposure Lights, Carbon Mudguards and a Silca Tool Roll to name but a few, it's the ultimate city riding experience, designed to your needs.

2. Tech: VanMoof S3

A bike built for modern city life, the VanMoof S3 mixes functionality with sleek, modern design. The distinctive blend of straight-frame geometry with innovative ride features, offers commuters the ultimate cycling experience.

A neat feature of the VanMoof is the apparent lack of battery assistance. The frame hides the battery from sight, creating perhaps the most visually stunning e-bike. The motor itself is near silent despite offering 350 watts on full power, compared to 250 watts on economy mode. This will give you a range of between 60-150km, which should suit a week of riding around the city.

VanMoof electric bikes also contain some very smart anti-theft tech hidden inside. The kicklock secures the bike through a tap of the frame by immobilizing the rear wheel and activating onboard alarms. Along with tamper detection and a three-phase alarm, the VanMoof knows when someone is up to no good! If a thief was to still get away with the bike, then their Bike Hunters will use the integrated location tracking to get it back for you. Pretty awesome huh?

The bike also has a partner app which can be used to configure everything from a single gear change to a digital bell sound. As well as these cool features, you can track the riding that you do by measuring speed, distance, and time. Other accessories include the ability to extend the bike's cargo capacity to hold 10kg on the front and 15kg on the rear. Using your bike for the weekly shop too? VanMoof has you covered!

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3. Cargo: Tern GSD

The Tern GSD isn't cheap, but it's the ultimate machine for urban cargo mobility. This bike is built for those who want to replace their car for a cargo-bike, by offering guaranteed reliability. Despite the obvious functionality benefits, the Tern still manages to look great with a sleek frame design.

Being able to carry 200kg, the GSD is well-equipped to carry a week's worth of shopping and two children comfortably over the rear wheel. The 20" wheels give the bike a low center of gravity, giving a stable and secure ride. With the added stability, the bike can conquer gravel tracks and bumpy bike paths too. The patented 7005 aluminum frame completes a bike that is reliable and handles very efficiently.

The Bosch dual-motor system allows the Tern to transport heavy loads with relative ease, giving the rider an extra 500 or 1000 Wh for a range of up to 200 km. Once the battery is flat, simply remove the battery to charge with the Bosch Standard Charger. The Tern was built to ride anything, including your commute.

4. Something Different: Knaap Black Edition

We'll let you decide but we certainly think the Knaap has a claim to being the coolest e-bike ever. The Knaap is where style and toughness meet with a bike that is more resemblant of a motorbike than a traditional cycle.

This motor machine is purely electric though, with a 250 watt rear motor providing assistance up to 25kph. You'll be able to match most motorbikes around busy city streets.

Whilst the Knaap certainly looks different it's already a hit with the stars with Tinie Tempah and Phil Foden sporting the mean looking bicycle. It's the self proclaimed 'most Instagrammable bike ever!'


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