What's third party cycling insurance?

3rd party liability? Third-party cover? Liability cover? Liability? All of these terms mean the same thing! This policy helps protect other people, vehicles, and property when an accident is deemed to be your fault. Your third-party policy would cover the cost of the other person's property and medical expenses.

Why do you need third-party liability cycling insurance?

It’s a nasty thing to have to think about. But should the worst happen, third-party liability insurance could really save your bacon. If you were involved in an accident with a pedestrian or motorist out on the road, you could end up being sued to fork out for medical costs, loss of earnings, court costs, and damages to the other person's property, such as car and bike damage. It’s easy to see how this all starts to add up quite quickly.

Someone who knows all about this misfortune is this guy. Robert Hazeldean was left to pay £100,000 out of his own pocket after being sued by a pedestrian when they collided on a busy junction near London Bridge. The judge ruled that both were equally to blame for the incident but only the pedestrian was allowed a payout because they had put in a claim.

It’s in these exact circumstances where Laka’s third-party liability cover is designed to protect you.

If you were looking to claim back any damaged, broken, or unusable gear, you'd need suitable bicycle insurance.

So why isn’t liability cover compulsory?

Cycling isn’t like driving a car, where it’s a legal requirement for all drivers to be insured for liability. Purely because cycling poses a very low risk to other road users. Out of the 1,800 or so people killed every year on the UK’s roads, between zero and two typically tend to be killed because they were hit by cyclists. This is because being hit by a bicycle and rider at 15mph is much less dangerous than being hit by a car travelling at 35mph.

What should I do if I’m being sued?

Being sued for an accident can be unexpected, isolating and an overall painful process. Luckily there’s some great people out there who can help you every step of the way. The first thing to do is collect as much evidence as possible.  The information you should try get hold of includes:

  • The names, addresses, and car registration details as well as the colour or make of the vehicle. If it’s a lorry or other HGV get a note of the livery and a description of the driver.
  • Names and phone numbers of any witnesses who might’ve seen the incident.
  • Any photographic evidence whether that’s pictures of your injuries or onboard camera footage that may have been captured.
  • Ask for the insurance details of the driver but avoid getting into the details of the accident with them until you have sought legal advice.

With Laka’s liability cover, simply hit the chat icon on our website, where you’ll be paired with a liability expert who will guide you through the process of being sued.

Cycleway 6 on Blackfriars Bridge, London
Photo by Dan Poulton / Unsplash

Laka’s third-party liability cover

The Laka liability cover suits every type of cyclist.  No matter what you ride, you’ll get up to £2,000,000 that you are liable to pay including legal costs if you injure someone, or damage their property whilst using your bike.

The amount you can be asked to pay takes into account:

  • The claimant’s medical costs
  • The claimant’s loss of earnings
  • The cost of replacing or fixing what’s damaged
  • replacing or fixing what’s damaged

Our claims team are always available for help if you’re worried after being involved in an accident or are being sued. They’re experienced in helping cyclists every day.

Making a claim

If you need to make a claim, log into the web app at https://app.laka.co.uk/cover and follow the link for "claims".

We'll then ask you for some details of what's happened and for copies of any details you might have received relating to the incident.

We'll then work with our insurance partner and, if appropriate, appoint lawyers who will take things from there.

Get covered for just £1 per month...

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