So Tilda, what’s it like to ride?

Both models, the Classic and the Step Through, are super comfortable. And if you’re familiar with our adventure disc models, the E Bike frames are based off of these bikes. Just with a slightly longer wheelbase.

Both the Step Through and the Classic model have pretty up-right riding positions. They both have swept back bars but the Step Through model gives you a bit more visibility when riding and is a touch more upright.

The bikes can handle varied terrain too. They have disc brakes which are perfect for 38mm tires with mudguards.

They have an automatic front and rear light too so you won’t come unstuck when riding in early mornings or evenings.

The range you can expect on a Temple E Bike is 150-120 kilometres depending on your weight and how you use the battery power. I’ve ridden one a lot around London and never had to charge it.

The bikes come in at around 19kg which is pretty light for an E Bike. The motor is also really quiet.

What makes the bike look so sleek?

We didn't want to design an E Bike that looks like an E Bike. So with the battery we’ve kept it integrated into the frame.

Premium details are also a heavy part of the design process. Like the Brooks saddle which I think adds a nice touch.

Who’s riding the Temple E Bikes?

We see lots of people choose Temple Electric models.

From people that have ridden bikes all of their lives and want to keep riding. To people that live in rural areas, villages and towns, and need that extra help to travel further distances.

But also commuters. The benefits of E Bikes are numerous, from just pure efficiency, or cost-effectiveness once you have a bike they're very cheap to run. No matter where you live, you’ll reap the benefits of an E Bike.

We’ve been working on these bikes for 2 or 3 years so it’s great that they’re finally available to buy. We’ve seen huge demand for E Bikes too and we’ve sold a lot already!

Test one for free

Purchasing an E bike is certainly not a decision you make everyday. Test riding a bike before you ride it is the best way to decide whether the bike is for you.

You can test ride a Temple E Bike from their Bristol & London stores here.

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