1. Our bicycle insurance winning stacks of awards

In 2018 our bicycle insurance product was born. We said goodbye to the grumpy old insurance world.

Paying over-the-odds and upfront for what your insurance company thinks might happen is a thing of the past.

The news of Laka quickly spread. Cyclists like Rupert joined the collective of cyclists paying for each other's misfortune.

“I know that my premium, should I have to pay one in a given month, is getting another unfortunate cyclist back on the road. Someone who has been the victim of theft. That in itself feels good. I imagine the feeling I would have if I was the victim of a bike theft, and the joy I would have of being helped back on the road.” - Rupert

In 2018 Laka was nominated for Best Bicycle Insurer at the Insurance Choice Awards. We won in 2018. Then in 2019, 2020 & 2021. 4 years in a row! Thanks to everyone that voted 🙌

2. Launching Laka Netherlands

What a milestone this was. We took our bicycle insurance product overseas to the most cycling-obsessed country in the world. The Netherlands. Where even royalty get around on two wheels.

It required blood, sweat & tears to secure our licence to launch in The Netherlands and we were among the first UK InsurTechs to be granted one.

In January 2021 we went live in The Netherlands and our first country outside of the UK. Europe we’re coming!

Fun fact: there are 22.5 million bicycles in the Netherlands and 17 million people. That’s 1.3 bikes per person!

3. Launching our epic health and recovery product

Picture this. It’s a standard mid-summer Saturday. You’ve got up early and you’re ready to ride. You haven't gotten out for a while so you’re so pumped you barely slept a wink.

With a big bowl of porridge and a morning coffee onboard you get going. The miles are ticking by. You’re flying. This feels great! The fresh air, the freedom, the endorphins. You could ride all day.

Just as you’re getting into your groove. Bam. You’re off. You don’t know how it happened but you’re in a pile on the floor and something doesn’t feel quite right…

You dust yourself off and head back home. From 100 to 0 real quick.

When you have an accident you should feel protected. Protected by someone that truly cares for you with benefits you really need.

That’s why in 2020 we launched Health & Recovery insurance, a modern take on personal accident cover that covers you on & off the bike (e.g. if you are on the slopes).

Had an accident? Get benefits that cyclists actually need; access to physios, mental well-being experts, cycling coaches, a turbo trainer on loan to keep fit or Uber credits, food delivery vouchers and more if you can’t commute.

4. Teaming up with some kick-ass partners

Okay so this isn’t technically a milestone. But it’s been a huge part of the Laka journey.

We’ve proven there’s strength in numbers. In the last 5 years we’ve teamed up with some epic partners including Raleigh, Quella, The Cycling Podcast, Rouleur, Green Commute Initiative, the UK Armed Forces and Canopy.

In August 2020 we also celebrated the cycling season with a Rapha X Laka kit collaboration, incorporating all of Rapha's technical greatness with some added Laka flair.

5. Launching Laka Last Mile Delivery Insurance

In 2021 we launched Laka Last Mile Delivery Insurance.

Bikes aren’t just about getting from A to B, for many people they’re a way of life and a way of earning a living.

We listened to businesses to hone our bicycle insurance so that it suits their needs.

Stacks of businesses have since joined the pack including Randstad, EAV, Zapp, Urb-it, Jiffy, Dash, Foodstuff and Santis Global. Here’s what Randstad has to say:

"Working in partnership with Laka is a perfect example of being able to offer our clients a solution above and beyond traditional HR services. We invest heavily in our tech-stack and we could really see the value of Laka's innovative approach. The collaboration provides policies to thousands of our workers in multiple locations across the UK, with users reporting fantastic experiences due to Laka's knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness to claims. It's a strong partnership that provides flexibility, reassurance and exemplary service - for both Randstad and our dedicated workforce."


This month, when one of your riding buddies uses your link to take out a Laka policy you'll land yourself free cycling insurance for the month of January, on top of the usual £25 credit! 🤑

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