The brutal weather conditions will also take their toll on your pride and joy.

In this post, we’ll go through the top 5 game-changing e-bike accessories for winter.

Of course electric bike insurance will keep your bikes protected, whatever the weather.

1. Winter Tyres

Riding on the roads in winter can be pretty hazardous, thanks to wet and icy surfaces. So you may want to think about what tyres you use during winter.

A great option is the Pirelli CYCL-e Winter (WT), a winter season specific tyre designed for electric and other urban bikes.

The Pirelli engineers have developed a unique compound that works well in low temperatures and on tricky road surfaces. They combined their experience and techniques developed while making tyres for the automotive industry with their e-bike tyre expertise.

The result is an excellent winter tyre for e-bikes.

Pirelli's compound adapts to freezing temperatures to give you optimum grip when it’s chilly. The tyre is very resistant to punctures and environmentally friendly too.

2. Mudguards

Riding in winter usually means that you get lots of spray from the road. The dirt and water that flicks up can make you uncomfortable, but it can also penetrate the moving parts and motor of your e-bike.

A simple solution to prevent or reduce this is to fit mudguards. Most electric bikes have provisions for mudguards, making it easy to fit them.

Mudguards are a cheap and simple way to keep you comfortable and protect your e-bike.

3. Cleaning Kit

The salt from the roads can corrode your electric bike's frame and components. Leaving your e-bike covered in salt and grime will shorten its lifespan and cause all sorts of technical issues.

You should always clean your e-bike regularly. You can put together a cleaning kit, but Muc-Off has everything you need in this Winter Essentials Cleaning Kit.

The kit includes a Nano Tech bike cleaner to keep your paintwork in top condition and drivetrain cleaners for the grimy bits. It even has wet chain lube to keep your gear shifting smooth, efficient and rust-free.

4. Warm Clothing

Riding an electric bike isn't as fatiguing as riding a regular bike. You don't warm up as quickly. Warm cycling clothing is a must for keeping yourself comfortable.

We recommend buying a warm, waterproof and breathable cycling jacket. They're made from technical fabrics that keep you comfortable throughout your ride.

Look for a jacket with vents, taped seams and bright colours. These will ensure that you don't overheat, stay dry and visible in low light conditions.

5. Handlebar Heaters

Riding an electric bike in winter can make your hands freezing cold, especially on early morning commutes. Sometimes gloves are not enough, but you can keep your hands warm in a few ways.

The simplest way to keep your fingers toasty is with heated gloves. But you can also buy kits to heat your handlebar grips.

These kits are for use on motorbikes and run on 12V. But, most electric bike controllers also have a 12V circuit to power the lights. If you’re practical, you can splice a heated handlebar kit into the circuit.

Final Thoughts

E-bike accessories for winter are pretty like the ones available for regular bikes. There are a few specialised items, but the essential accessories will keep you comfortable and safe.


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