But how do you store an e-bike to ensure it stays in good condition? In this guide, we’re taking a look at how you should store an e-bike.

What should I consider before storing my e-bike?

Clean the e-bike

Before storing your e-bike, you’ll want to make sure it is well maintained and has been well looked after. This is especially true if you’re storing it for a prolonged period, though it’s also still necessary if the bike is used regularly.

Dirt, salt, mud and water are often found on bikes, whether they’re electric or standard. Therefore, before storing it, you’ll want to remove all of these factors to avoid the bike suffering from corrosion or damage. With e-bikes, it’s particularly important, as there are electronic components involved.

Think about the battery

The battery component is the primary differentiator from a regular cycle, and it plays a significant role in how you store the bike. First of all, you need to understand the makeup of your battery as there are different types on the market. Lithium-based batteries are the most commonly used, but it might be that your e-bike has a lead-acid battery.

Before storing your e-bike, you should always charge the battery. Failing to do so can lead to deterioration and even a dead battery. They are expensive to replace, so you want to ensure that it’s fully charged before storing your e-bike.

Keep the battery separate

No matter which type of battery you have, it should be separated from the e-bike when it comes to storage. Batteries also shouldn’t be stored in hot temperatures as they can ruin performance and decrease the battery’s life.

They should also be kept away from fire hazards to mitigate the risk of catching fire or exploding. Ideally, you want to keep the battery in a cool and dry climate to ensure optimal performance and safe storage.

It’s also worth storing the battery in an area where there are no significant temperature fluctuations. Somewhere that endures extreme temperature changes – such as an outdoor shed – isn’t ideal because elements like condensation could damage the battery.

Can I store my e-bike outside?

There’s no problem with storing your e-bike outside, but you should keep the battery indoors. Lithium batteries, in particular, rely on storage temperatures of 4c to 21c. If the temperature goes higher or lower, it could potentially damage the capacity of the battery.

If you plan on storing your e-bike outside, you should only do it for the short term. The longer you leave your bike outside – especially if it’s in a public place – the higher the risk of theft. E-bikes, in particular, are sought after by criminals because of their higher price and popularity.

Storing an e-bike in the winter

Conditions are harsher in the winter months, and you may decide to reduce the amount of time you spend cycling on your e-bike. People are more likely to store their bikes for longer during the winter months, which means you should aim to keep them inside.

For long-term storage, keep your bike indoors and somewhere safe, as this will help keep it in better condition. It will be away from traditional winter elements, such as rain, snow and wind. Even if you’re keeping your e-bike stored inside, you should still detach the battery and store it in a room with optimal temperatures.

Where should I store my e-bike?

In your garage

If you have access to a garage, you’ll probably want to store your e-bike there. While it might not be ideal for the battery (depending on temperatures), it’s fine for your actual cycle, and you have the convenience of the bike not taking up more room and adding clutter to your home.

Communal bike storage

An increasing number of residential developers offer bike storage, where you can lock your bike in a designated room. Again, this might not be ideal for the battery, but it’s a handy option if you don’t wish to keep your bike in your apartment. Communal bike storage is safer than locking it up on the street as the only people with access will be other bike owners in the building.

Floor rack

Keeping an e-bike at home can seriously mess with your feng shui, which is why you might decide to use a floor rack. While a floor rack won’t necessarily save space, it will make your home look neater as the e-bike is propped up against a proper holding mechanism rather than simply leaning against the wall.

On the wall

The other option involves storing your e-bike off the ground and on the wall. You can buy adjustable mounts to fit a range of bike sizes and shapes. A wall mount also helps you save space, which will come in handy if you live in a city apartment.

Storing your e-bike the right way

The battery is the most important component of an e-bike, and you need to ensure it’s stored correctly. Do that, and how you choose to store the actual frame of the bike is up to you. Just make sure that it’s kept away from the prying eyes of thieves and is in a safe and secure place.

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