We know that spring is when everything truly kicks off again. All of those winter club runs and Zwift sessions in the garage are finally over!

Wheeling your summer bike out again? Don't forget to add it to your insurance policy. Remember you can cover your clothing too.

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1) Ace your cycle clothing choice

Spring does come with its fair share of clothing dilemmas. The best option is thinner layers that can easily be stowed in a back pocket for when the temperature rises.

A lighter base layer will help keep your core warm, whilst leg warmers or tights will keep the chill off of your legs.

A rain jacket is also a must with showers around every corner at this time of year! A gilet is perhaps a lighter option that will adequately give you extra protection on a windy day.

Meanwhile these Castelli Toe Thingys are a popular overshoe option as we edge towards warmer weather! They allow for more freedom than winter over shoes, with more flexibility in the ankle.

2) Bike Maintenance

Spring is also the best time to give your bike a service. Also removing all of the dirt and grease which has built up over the winter is extremely satisfying.

Or if your best bike has been in the garage all winter, giving your bike a safety check will make sure it's good to ride.

Areas to focus on are your drivetrain, brakes and your wheel setup. New brake pads, a new chain and a new pair of tyres will give you a huge improvement in how your bike performs this season.

3) Join a club

Joining a local cycling group is a great way to start riding further and faster with ease.

Riding in a group provides some extra motivation. And is a great way to build fitness for a specific goal.

All cycling clubs are different, whether that's road cycling, mountain biking, BMX or track riding, so check out  British Cycling's club finder for a group that suits you.

4) Set a goal

Having a clear cycling goal for the summer will help you push through the spring season and remain mentally strong.

The goal can be anything from riding 100 miles to riding to work every day.

Maybe you're targeting an event or you might want to try another sport altogether.

Riding without a goal in mind can become aimless and your morale may dip as a result.

It's also good to make the goals small and achievable. There isn't much point aiming to ride the Tour de France if you haven't yet got off of the sofa!

5) Stay healthy

The most important thing is to keep on top of your health and wellness at this time of year.

With allergies, recurring injuries, unpredictable weather and of course even Covid-19 to contend with, you want to make sure you put your health first.

It won't matter if you have to rest because of recurring illness and it won't matter if you miss the group ride because of a thunderstorm! Ultimately your personal needs and wellbeing come first.

6) Cover your bike and body

Check out Laka Bicycle Insurance for award-winning cover for your bikes and gear.

Spring riding can be tough on you and your bike.

So whether you're heading out to the hills or braving the showers, find some peace of mind with Laka. 

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