Also, instances of thieves using Strava to target high-value bicycles are a scary reality that has frequently affected cyclists in the UK. To be 100% safe when using Strava, their privacy settings are a must-know to protect your bike from theft!

'Where You Appear' Update

In the course of a single day you might check at least 5 different apps, many social media-related, in which you share your most personal details. It all sounds like a harmless daily ritual, however, you need to pay close attention to each website/app you sign in to with your social media accounts: take responsibility for your personal data by keeping track of exactly who you are sharing it with.

Perhaps the easiest Strava privacy function is the new 'Where You Appear' settings, which have simplified controlling your Strava data.

Now you can easily adjust your privacy settings in specific areas on Strava, such as your profile page, activities, group activities and flybys. For your profile page and group activities you can choose between being seen by everyone or just your followers. Through controlling those who follow you on Strava, you can keep the people who see your rides down to a small number of people who you trust.

For your activities, you can choose between being seen by everyone, your followers or only you. However this does restrict which features you can use, like the segments. You need to have your activities set to be visible by everyone if you want your times displayed on the leaderboards.

You can also adjust whether you are seen on Strava Flybys. This is where you can see athletes that where close-by out on the road. Strava allows you to choose between whether you are seen by everyone or no-one, restricting the possibility of someone tracking your riding.

Strava Privacy Zones

Privacy zones on Strava are an essential way to hide your home so that it cannot be seen online. It works by using your address to create a shield around where you start your ride so that only you can see it. The privacy zones also remove you from any segment leaderboard that starts or ends in your zone.