Whenever you leave your bike unattended away from your home or a private storage location you’ll need to secure your bike to an immovable object using a Sold Secure Gold-Rated lock, otherwise we won’t be able to cover you for theft.

We’ll need to see evidence that you owned a Sold Secure Gold rated lock before we can settle your claim.

The simplest way to provide this evidence is to add original photos to your Laka account. Photos must allow us to see the make and model of the lock and must have been taken before a claim took place.

What does unattended mean?

We have to judge each claim independently, but as a rule of thumb if you are not capable of attempting to prevent the theft of your bike, we’d consider it to be unattended. But don’t worry, we’re not saying you have to put yourself in danger and try to stop a thief!

What’s an immovable object?

An immovable object is any fixed or solid object not capable of being undone, removed with or lifted under/over the bicycle, except through the use of specialist tools or equipment.

What’s considered my home? And what’s a private storage location?

Your home is the address where your bicycle is usually kept as shown on your policy schedule.

Your home must be a private storage location.

A private storage location is a secure, locked location, the access to which is controlled solely by you.

When am I not covered?

You’ll have no cover for theft if your bike is left unattended away from your home or a private storage location unless you’ve used a Sold Secure Gold lock to secure it to an immovable object.

If you leave your bike in a public storage location for more than 24 consecutive hours you will have no cover for theft, even if your bike has been secured to an immovable object using a Sold Secure Gold lock.

A public storage location is any location that is not secure, access to which is not controlled  and that is in the open and / or publicly accessible - this might include your front garden or leaving your bike locked on the street.

What’s a Sold Secure Gold Lock?

Sold Secure is an independent, not for profit organisation that tests locks according to their strength, reliability and sophistication, ranking them either Diamond, Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Gold-rated locks “offer the highest level of security”. You MUST use an at minimum Gold-rated lock if you want your theft claim to be covered by Laka.

Is my lock a Sold Secure Gold-rated lock?

Finding out which rating your lock is can be a bit of a minefield. So if you’re not sure whether your lock is a Sold Secure Gold-rated, you can type your make and model in here.

We also collate the best deals on Sold Secure Gold locks from around the web to give you a little extra help when choosing the right one for you. Check out the best deals on Sold Secure Gold locks here.

As always, if you need help, contact us.