Awesome, welcome to the collective! Your bikes are now covered and you’re good to go (unless you set a start date in the future of course!).

So what next? Well there are a couple things worth doing to make sure you have the best experience with Laka.

Did you check you have the right value for your insured gear?

In the event of a claim, we replace gear on a 'new for old' basis and don't apply any depreciation. This means that if your bike was say £2500 at RRP when it was new, we would still consider it to be worth this much and that would be how much we could pay out for you. We would also recommend insuring at RRP but more info can be found here.

Have you added photos of your bikes and gear?

You’ll need to upload some photos of your bike and your accessories to your account. Photos help you to prove ownership of the equipment you have listed on your account. This will make the process even more easy if you ever need to claim. Anyway, who doesn't love taking photos and showing off their bike?

Have you got a Sold Secure Gold-Rated lock?

If you’re planning on locking your bike up, we ask the collective to use a Sold Secure Gold-Rated lock. Check your lock meets the standards and make sure you upload proof of ownership with a photo in your account area. You can learn a bit more about Sold Secure Gold-Rated locks here.

Did you add clothing and accessories?

You can protect more than just your bike with Laka. Make sure you include accessories like your helmet, lock, lights and bike computer. You can also cover your clothing too!

Just make sure you pop a photo in your account area then the collective has got your back!

Bring your friends into the pack!

You can earn a tidy £25 for referring a friend to the Laka collective if they take out a bike insurance policy. Just grab your unique from your account area and share it with your buddies. Easy as that!