About Quella

Beginning life in the cycling-frenzy of 2012, Quella are a British single-speed bike brand that sell online and through a network of fantastic independent dealers. Quella also offer customers and brands the option to customise their bicycle with a range of componentry and RAL colours to choose from.

Following the initial customer purchase, Quella found they were getting  an increasing amount of enquiries about bike protection, with the customer’s freedom of cycling unfortunately being mitigated by bike thefts, traffic accidents, & bike damage from crashes that can happen at any time.

An insurance product that a customer could take at the point of sale would keep customers happier for longer and ensure that if their bike was to be damaged or stolen, they could continue riding a Quella bike.

Smart insurance for complicated problems

To protect all Quella bikes, Quella provides 30 days of free bicycle insurance to get their customers started on the right track. This is at no cost to Quella.

At a higher price point, Quella e-bikes are at a bigger risk of getting stolen than the standard range. This encouraged an initiative to offer a better insurance deal for these specific products. Every Quella e-bike now comes with a supercharged 12 months of free insurance.

In both of these situations Quella earns a 10% commission on the customer’s premium. Opening up another revenue stream for Quella.

Happy customer & happy Quella.

“It’s super positive from our side” shared Abi, Communications & Marketing at Quella, “we've got a lot of people signing up and people always appreciate the free insurance. The free cover tends to be quite a good pickup line for us, especially when running promotions. We're very happy working with Laka!”

But it doesn’t stop there. Quella needed a smart way to handle their online orders. So to make things even sweeter, our in-house tech team has embedded Laka insurance into their website so that taking out insurance cover can all be automated at point of purchase. Genius.

Teaming up for tailored marketing campaigns

Since teaming up with Quella we’ve been able to join forces for some creative marketing campaigns.

Our first collaboration was a Quella x Laka bike. Looks sweet doesn’t it?

This kicked off a giveaway campaign where customers could tag their friends on social media for a chance to win.

“The giveaway campaign was a huge success! It gained lots of attention at the e-bike show in London and online, someone actually ordered the Laka bike on the back of it because they loved the design so much!”


Send an email to Peter Talbot, our Business Development and Partnerships Manager to find out more about providing Laka insurance to your customers.

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