Sigma is committed to giving customers outstanding customer service. Which matches our dedication to the Laka Collective. Our strategic partnership is built on this commitment to customer satisfaction.

With every bike purchased at Sigma Sports, customers will benefit from 30 days of free Laka insurance cover. This not only protects the customer's new wheels but gives them the confidence to ride with freedom from their very first pedal strokes.

We provide two insurance options: Core and Pro. Sigma's customers love Pro - our all-out insurance cover. Perks include crash + accidental damage, races + events cover, and up to 120 days of worldwide travel.

Ian Whittingham, one of Sigma's co-founders, emphasises why insurance is vital for cyclists. He says, "Insurance is incredibly important. These bikes are expensive and they mean a lot to people. People need to know that if something goes wrong, they have insurance and can get back on the road quickly." Watch the video below to hear more about his thoughts on our partnership.

With Sigma growing as a leader in the industry, we are excited to be a part of their new endeavor Evolve. Formerly Sigma Sports Electric, Evolve is an e-bike store ready to show you the future of getting around. This fits perfectly with our mission to support cleaner forms of transport and the e-bike revolution.

In conclusion, our partnership with Sigma Sports is more than just insurance - it celebrates shared values. As Sigma inspires and innovates, we proudly support them by providing comprehensive coverage and peace of mind to cyclists. Together, we empower cycling journeys.


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