Decathlon strategically chose Laka as their preferred bike insurance partner due to Laka's technological expertise and adaptability. This partnership enhances customer experiences, allowing users of Decathlon's new Connect ebikes in the EU to activate 30-day free Laka Bike Insurance through the Decathlon Connect app. In the UK, this integration extends to all bike types, both online and in-store.

Decathlon's selection of Laka goes beyond tech compatibility; Laka's flexibility in meeting diverse market needs made them the ideal insurance partner. The partnership reflects a mutual understanding of the unique requirements of cyclists and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions.

Eric Bastin, Decathlon's Product Manager, captures the essence of the partnership, noting, "Laka was the only one that specialized in cycling with cyclist addicts in the team. They also had a quite flexible solution able to adapt to our internal constraints." To learn more about how the two companies work together watch below the interview at the Decathlon headquarters in Lile, France.

The flourishing partnership between Laka and Decathlon is set to continue evolving, with both companies expressing excitement about the collaboration extending into 2024. Laka is dedicated to contributing to the success of Decathlon's ventures and ensuring customers receive optimal coverage for their cycling pursuits.


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