Who are ListNRide?

ListNRide are a European bike rental platform. With ListNRide you now know where to rent any bike with peace of mind.

Is there a bike that you have always had your eye on, but never got to try? Perhaps you are visiting a new city or country, but bringing your own bike is too much hassle? Maybe you just want to try something new? With ListNRide, finding the right bike for your needs is easy and convenient!

Why have we partnered with ListNRide?

We recognise that borrowing anything from someone else can be a risky business but with integrated fuss free insurance - there is no need to worry. Reducing the barriers when trying new things or exploring new cities is central to this likely pair.

Our commercial insurance is a great way to insure bikes for companies that rent them out, especially because it eliminates the need for them to create and manage their own insurance program, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Additionally, by using Laka, ListNRide can take advantage of Laka's expertise in the micromobility insurance market, which allows them to offer their customers comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. This is a win-win situation for both ListNRide and their customers.

"We are really pleased to be able to offer ListNRide customers peace of mind and to protect the image of ListNRide as the best place to rent a bike." said Tobias Taupitz, CEO of Laka. “As a disrupter in our own right we are continually looking for partners changing the way we cycle.”
“Through extensive conversations with both our private and commercial listers, we learned that insurance coverage, that provides both peace of mind and convenience, is an important and natural next step, as we continue to innovate and bring value-add solutions for our loyal customers and trusted partners”, said Gert-Jan van Wijk, MD of ListNRide.


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