It’s been close to 5 weeks since we launched with our genuinely new way to insure cyclists most favored possessions: their bikes.

As a reminder, Laka groups avid cyclists and splits the claims cost among them up to a cap. To keep the approach fair and transparent, we will never take more than we need to recover our expenses.

In January, we did not have a single claim and we were super excited to send our customers their first bill of £0.

In our first weeks, we learned a lot. We have reached out to customers, potential customers, and even people who openly stated that they were not interested, to understand what we can do better.

We listened, we learned, and we took action. Today, Laka has rolled out its next version. From version “Ardila” to version “Nuyens”.

Pictures in onboarding

Having pictures of your bikes on our platform allows us to ensure that we group like-minded cyclists together and helps reduce fraud.

  • We asked for pictures before you could activate cover, which is a problem when signing up from the office, with the bike securely locked at home or from the comfort of your sofa at 10pm.

  • From today, you can activate cover without providing pictures.You then have 14 days to provide these to us. Just take a few before your next ride out.

Multi-bike discount

We were not competitive for customers with more than one bike (most of you!).

  • We have introduced a multi-bike discount, to account for the fact that not all bikes are in use at the same time – and hence pose a much lower risk.
  • As a result, your cap will be much more competitive
  • Remember though, this is the purely a safeguard – we expect you will pay around half your cap on average – indeed, in January, the total bill was £0.

It’s all about a slick journey. Do let us know what else we can do to make it easier for you 😉

*As you have rightfully guessed, our versions are named after late Tour of Britain winners after it returned in 2004 after the five-year hiatus).