What's fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance cover is designed to protect your commercial vehicles. There's lots of types of fleet insurance, but all policies are designed for businesses with more than 2 vehicles. This means you can easily add your fleet to one single policy.

Not all fleet polices are made the same and you'll see big differences in levels of cover from different insurance companies.

Our fleet insurance targets specific vehicle types - bikes, cargo bikes, and e-cargo bikes.

Why do I need comprehensive fleet insurance?

Specialist fleet insurance is a big win for your delivery business and commercial vehicles. Especially compared to business insurance which often doesn't cover your fleet. And if your fleet is covered, there's usually restrictions on the location, time of day, and what types of vehicles you're covered for.

You'll want to make sure you have all of the basics covered.

Bike theft cover is important. You'll want to make sure your bikes and accessories are covered on and away from your premises.

You'll also want damage cover too. Whether it's accidental damage to your fleet or if it's damaged in transit by a third party, it's an important part of your fleet insurance.

Here's some more reasons why specialist fleet policies are a wise choice for your business:

  • Your fleet is a fleet - not stock: If you have your fleet covered as stock, you'll likely get a cheaper quote, but your fleet won't be covered for what it needs. The bigger risks to you - your riders and your fleet need cover that matches their risk. If they’re insured as stock, then theft away from business premises, accidental damage, and emergency expenses are unlikely to be included.
  • Changes to your fleet and integration: We get it. Your fleet is rarely the same and is constantly changing. If your fleet is changing you'll need an adaptable fleet insurance provider who can handle this for you. And if your insurance provider can integrate with your fleet management platform then it'll make daily operations a breeze.
  • Customer experience: Not all insurance providers understand what it takes to manage a fleet of vehicles. The way your claims are dealt with can also have a huge impact on your brand and employee experience. By choosing a specialist fleet insurer you'll get customer service to match the demands of a fast paced fleet.

Who can get insurance for their fleet?

If you have a fleet of business vehicles as part of your business operations you can get fleet insurance. Fleet insurers cover all types of vehicles from vans to bicycles.

Laka covers a huge range of fleet businesses. Including quick commerce fleets, micromobility fleets, last mile delivery fleets, bike leasing and subscription businesses, small but growing fleets and delivery aggregators.

How much does a fleet policy cost?

There are lots of factors that impact the cost of fleet insurance. When you take out an insurance policy you'll be asked a number of questions so they can assess your risk.

The biggest factors are your fleet size and fleet value. If your fleet vehicles are high value, the insurance risk is higher. This means your fleet insurance premiums will also be higher. The same if you have a large fleet.

When you get a quote with Laka we'll help you through getting an accurate price. We aim to save you insurance costs by using:

  • Daily pricing for the actual cost of claims - not a speculation of what we think you should pay
  • £0 excess on claims
  • Free unlimited fleet changes

How do I get an insurance policy with Laka?

At Laka, our insurance is designed for the micro-mobility revolution. We provide comprehensive cover for large and small fleets of bikes, electric bikes and electric cargo bikes.

We pride ourselves on super-speedy claims, competitive pricing and integrated fleet management.

To find out more about our unique approach to fleet insurance and how we could supercharge your fleet, head to our commercial page and get a quote. You can let us know your renewal dates for when you're ready to swap.


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