Questions about Last Mile Delivery Insurance

Why do I need Bicycle Courier Insurance?

Cycling offers the ultimate freedom. From being able to get around the city faster than any car could to riders being able to park their bike wherever and whenever you like. But whether they deliver food or laundry, medicines or pet food - shit can always hit the fan. A near miss, an open car door or pedestrians stepping into the road are all things that can cause cycle couriers time off of the bike. That’s why insurance for couriers is a must-have. We give riders peace of mind knowing that they can keep riding, working and earning no matter what happens out on the road.

Can I insure my bicycle fleet with Laka?

Yes! Laka can insure your entire fleet for Theft, Damage, Vandalism, Emergency Travel, Loss of Earnings, Bike Hire, and more! Get in touch with us to get a quote that fits your needs and budget.

What types of delivery do you cover?

We cover all types of deliveries, big and small, including fast food, grocery, parcel, and courier. If your delivery category isn’t listed, get in touch with us and we can help you out.

Do you cover electric bikes?

Yes -  and more! We’re super pumped to be able to cover all electrically-assisted pedal cycles. Pretty much anything with pedals and is battery-assisted can be covered with Laka. Whether that’s a fully-loaded e-cargo bike or a zippy electric hybrid - we can cover it. If you’re unsure, simply get in touch with us to find out more.

What are businesses saying?
“Working in partnership with Laka is a perfect example of being able to offer our clients a solution above and beyond traditional HR services. We invested heavily in our tech stack and we could really see the value of Laka’s innovative approach.
“The collaboration provides policies to thousands of our workers in multiple locations across the UK, with users reporting fantastic experiences due to Laka’s knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness to claims. It’s a strong partnership that provides flexibility, reassurance and exemplary service – for both Randstad and our dedicated workforce.”
"Partnering with Laka Insurance holds immense value for EAV by ensuring our vehicles are protected comprehensively. Our customers really appreciate the flexibility that Laka offer by being able to tailor their policies to suit the customers’ needs, specific to the commercial cargo vehicle sector. As part of EAV’s service, insurance is a key element alongside service and maintenance and leasing options, so it gives us great confidence that we can offer customers a complete vehicle package, as we expand with Laka across Europe."
“We were looking for an insurance partner and product that was geared up to handle our rapid growth. Laka were able to provide bespoke solutions unique to the types of fleet we are operating, along with a simple-to-use product making claims, repairs, emergencies and assistance easy for all.”

What are riders saying?

"My bike was stolen while I was doing a delivery. It was really a upsetting situation after I lost my bike, I even used a very good lock to protect my bike from theft. It was a great comfort to have a Laka team of spectacular people with support & going the extra mile for my bicycle insurance claim. After I lost my bike, my claim was successful within 24 hours. It’s an amazing service."
— Shaikh, Randstad rider in London

What's bicycle courier liability insurance?

Bicycle courier liability insurance helps protect you and/or your riders when an accident is deemed to be your fault, such as hitting a car and causing damage to the vehicle. A third-party policy would cover compensation you might have to pay to a third party if you damage their property or injure them.


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