Laka's employee benefits include the Cycle to Work Scheme, in collaboration with Green Commute Initiative (GCI). To encourage greener commuting and more time spent travelling by bike.

Our Head of People, Helen Tomlinson notes:

"Laka chose to partner with GCI to provide a Cycle to Work Scheme for our employees for two reasons. Firstly, their mission aligns with ours - getting people out of cars and onto bikes - they have a clear purpose as a social enterprise. Secondly, they have no maximum limit for the cost of the bike - which gives our employees the freedom to choose the bike most suitable for them."

Hamza found GCI to be a game-changer. Being able to invest in a quality bike, whilst saving up to 40% on the cost, retiring his old hybrid bike in the process. This has been super motivating, encouraging Hamza to make the most of cycling, whatever the weather.

The GCI process is easy. From first contact to having the bike at your door is super straightforward. The communication was prompt and guiding. It ensures clarity at every step.

Choosing Laka for insurance was a no-brainer for Hamza. Why? Well, he didn’t need too much convincing! The intro discount from GCI helped. But also the top coverage, ease of adding extra bikes & accessories and expert help on bike information & security.

Hamza joined a community of cyclists at Laka, which kickstarted a new passion for him. He rides with his coworkers every week. It turns the commute into a shared experience. Riding in the morning through Regents Park has improved physical and mental health. Plus it helps explore the city and connect with colleagues outside the office.

GCI stands out with an excellent customer rating, surpassing its competitors. Laka strives to consistently offer excellent customer service. This partnership is a valuable one that supports the promotion of cycling culture among Laka's employees and customers.


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