About DASH

DASH is the world’s first salary sacrifice e-bike subscription and one of the fastest growing work perks in the UK. Founded in 2019 in London, DASH makes e-bikes easy with prices from just £29/month.

DASH believes that every mile cycled is good for the rider, the community and the planet and exists to make active transport affordable and accessible.

The concept is simple: for a monthly subscription fee, DASH members receive a premium e-bike, helmet and lock delivered to their door. For peace of mind, theft insurance from Laka and maintenance is included as standard.

Helping Cyclists Get To (& Stay On) The Road

DASH knew that if they were to succeed in their mission of getting more miles pedalled then they’d have to overcome some of the obstacles that cycling presents.

“There are already so many barriers to getting people cycling on the road. There's pollution, scarcity of decent bike paths, people are worried about getting knocked down. But such a big one at the moment is bike theftsays Tom Young, Operations Lead at DASH.

And that's particularly true with e-bikes because they're high value bikes. So the fact that we can offer an all inclusive subscription that includes theft insurance is a huge incentive for the customers to choose DASH. So ultimately working with Laka has been a great incentive to get more people cycling on the road.”

Customer-first Insurance

But it doesn’t stop there. Insurance isn’t something we take lightly. And we believe that every insurance policy should come with exceptional customer service.

Speedy claims is just one aspect of this. Tom shared his experience of claiming through Laka, “the process has been simple. From the moment of making a claim we hear back within a day or two from the Laka team. Claims are typically resolved in a couple of days”.

Flexible coverage, tailored to DASH

No two fleets are the same.  And one of the core benefits of Laka insurance is that it’s flexible and customisable to your needs.

DASH can choose the level of coverage that best fits their needs and budget. This means the end user can have the right protection without having to pay for unnecessary coverage.

“The insurance industry could seem very faceless. And that's not something that I would say about Laka. I think the customer experience is just really, really positive. I can't speak highly enough about it.” Tom Young - Operations Lead at DASH
DASH Rides - The salary sacrifice e-bike subscription
DASH Rides make electric bikes affordable and accessible through our subscription cycle to work scheme. Our e-bikes start from just £29 per month and include insurance, maintenance, a lock and helmet.


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