Stock up your work wardrobe

A staple hack of the commuting genius. Keeping a few clothing options at work will help keep your daily luggage down. Especially things like coats and shoes which can take up a lot of room.

This hack has also saved a lot of people from embarrassing mishaps. Nobody wants to forget to take their shoes to work. If you're unlucky enough to have been there, it's not something you want to repeat.

Master your charger set-up

Yep, this one is essential. Especially in the winter months, you're going to need to keep your lights fully charged on a daily basis. You need a solid charging set-up at your place of work so you can keep on top of charging your devices.

Those lights which don't require a cable are a cunning solution to an evening charger mishap.

Bag your feet

This one might seem strange. But if you've commuted through the winter you'll have inevitably suffered from cold feet. A simple and cost-effective way to solve this is by putting plastic bags over your feet before putting your shoes on.

This stops your feet from getting cold and wet if you're riding in the rain. Although plastic bags aren't exactly breathable so your feet might get warm on a nice day. But as a cheap way to keep your feet warm, this is right up there.

Master your luggage

If you're just starting your commuting journey, you might be relying on an old trusty rucksack. This is fine. It's reasonably comfortable, can hold a lot of gear and everyone has one lying around somewhere.

But a specific cycling luggage set-up can potentially transform your commute. Say goodbye to a sore and sweaty back, panniers will definitely help redistribute unstable weight.

Panniers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes allowing you to carry all of your gear to work on your bike. Find something waterproof and lightweight for the ultimate set of luggage.

Know the lights

Traffic lights are the heart of every commute. Stopping and starting can really break up your rhythm, so utilise any knowledge or shortcut to avoid putting your foot down at the traffic lights.

Whether you track stand like a hipster or slow down as you approach the traffic lights, make sure you keep safe and aware of your surroundings.

Go slow

If you want to commute like a pro - go slow.

Commuting isn't a race, nor is it the place to set any personal records or get a huge workout. Ride at a steady pace and you'll still build up a lot of fitness. Keep safe and ride sensibly, following the highway code.

With so much going on out of your control, you'll find a slow commute is around the same time as a fast commute.

Anything we've missed?

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