As a Laka customer you have access to Laka Legal Services.

We’ve partnered with Carpenters Group to provide Laka Legal Services. If you are involved in an accident when using your bike in which you were injured and where you think that a third party was at fault, for example a motorist, then Laka Legal Services can help you out in pursuing a third party in a legal claim for damages.  This service will cover your legal costs to claim against a third party responsible for an accident involving you and your bike.  

By simply being a Laka customer, you will be able to access Laka Legal Services for free at the point of use and you will keep 100% of any awards made to you should your case against a third party be successful.  If it does not work out, and it is decided that you do not have a case against the liable party, then there will be no cost to you for having used Laka Legal Services.