Cyclists can now subscribe to their next bike through RideUp with insurance provided by Laka.

We’re excited to announce that cyclists can now get their next road, gravel or ebike on a simple monthly subscription that includes cycle insurance from Laka within the price.

With new bike models coming out every year, you can now change to the latest model without the cost of buying, or the stress of selling. “With the current financial climate, why would you put a bike on a long-term finance plan or buy now pay later, when you can simply rent it and give it back when you want to?” Says Co-founder, and pro cyclist Russ Downing.

“We’ve been working closely with Laka to create a custom insurance plan for bike subscriptions including race cover and we’re excited to now be able to launch it to cyclists on a range of top brand bikes from November.” Says Downing.

RideUp bike subscriptions provide cyclists with an affordable, alternative to buying that gives them flexibility on what bike they ride, and how long they ride it. You’re not tied into long-term finance plans and you can cancel your subscription after the initial period. Should you wish to purchase the bike, you can pay the balance between what you have already paid and the bike’s retail price.

"Laka is delighted to add RideUp to its partnership network. Laka enables subscription businesses to offer embedded insurance in keeping with the circular economy, so neither the customer nor the business needs to worry if sh*t happens. Together we can take care of the bad stuff and keep RideUp cyclists pedalling." CEO Tobias Taupitz

“Our mission is to help UK cyclists get the best bike they want for an affordable monthly price. The service is completely flexible and accessible, meaning you can switch your bike along with the seasons. We’ve made it as easy as getting a mobile phone and it actually costs about the same. Says co-founder, Tim Hammond.

In keeping with the circular economy, Ride Up will also recycle the best pre-owned bikes, which are then refurbished, serviced and made available in the pre-owned bike subscription selection, starting from just £70 per month.

Each month, RideUp will host rides across the UK to allow cyclists to test ride a new bike before subscribing.

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