E-bike theft is quickly becoming a big problem for cyclists across Europe. Their high value and expensive components like their batteries make them very attractive to bike thieves.

Because of the rising thefts, some European insurance companies are making it mandatory for electric bikes to come with a built-in Connect or GPS module to meet the cover requirements.

What’s a Connect or GPS module?

Connected modules allow for bikes to become "smart". This allows for tracking, movement alerts, and activating embedded theft insurance, all in one place.

Royal Dutch Gazelle is spearheading this technology, as The Netherlands’ largest and most renowned bike manufacturer.

Gazelle has partnered with Laka to protect their riders. With theft insurance free for one year on their Eclipse, Makki and Avignon models.

The Complete Package

With the Eclipse and Avignon models, Connect and GPS technology is included as standard. Twelve months of theft insurance is included with the purchase of the bike, along with everything needed for detection success. What’s included:

  • A GPS tracker
  • Twelve months of free theft insurance
  • Free recovery service to help relocate your bike after a theft
  • The subscription to the Gazelle App, so you can monitor, track and report any potential bike theft at the touch of a button

Why Laka?

The insurance is provided by us, Laka!

"We made a conscious choice for Laka. Laka is a collective insurer with a unique insurance model where the customer really comes first. In doing so, they offer a clear and straightforward product with a high-quality claims experience." says Chiel.

With five-star service and super-speedy claims at the heart of what we do, Gazelle can ease their customers’ biggest worries about bike theft so their riders can enjoy their new e-bikes worry-free.

The Offer

After the twelve months of theft insurers, customers will receive a note on whether to stick with the insurance cover or cancel.

Chiel explains: "Thanks to the high quality of the Connect technology, it is possible for Laka to make an extremely competitive offer exclusively for Gazelle customers. It is also important to note that theft insurance includes detection service and battery theft and is included in the recommended retail price of the bike."

We’re delighted to expand our partnerships with leading e-bike manufacturers such as Gazelle and hope collaborations like these encourage more people to choose bikes as their main form of transportation!